Total Control filming third and final series

Deborah Mailman and Rachel Griffiths back for one last chapter of hit ABC political drama.

Production is underway in NSW and ACT on the third and final instalment of political drama Total Control for ABC.

Deborah Mailman and Rachel Griffiths reprise their roles as Alex Irving and Rachel Anderson, respectively.

Produced by Blackfella Films, the six-part series picks up almost two years after the explosive events of the second season.

Returning cast include Rob Collins, Wayne Blair, Anthony Hayes, Wesley Patten, Steph Tisdell, Daniela Farinacci, Lisa Flanagan, Benedict Hardie, Anita Hegh, Huw Higginson and Trisha Morton-Thomas.

Joining them are Catherine McClements, Fayssal Bazzi, Josef Ber, Lisa Hensley, Rosie Lourde, Maya Stange and Ursula Yovich.

Deborah Mailman says, “I can’t wait to step back into the character of Alex Irving one last time. It’s personally been a wonderful journey over the last two seasons to play such a gutsy, smart and unapologetic woman and I especially cannot wait to be with my Total Control family again. I hope audiences will enjoy the ride.”

Rachel Griffiths added, “There is nothing as sad and also as exciting as shooting a final season of a show you have created a family with. The chance to take our characters to a final satisfying point of their journey while also reflecting on the huge changes in our country’s political life is going to be fantastic. Total Control was ground-breaking in reflecting the operating environment for women in politics in this country. That conversation has caught up, but we are only beginning to understand the weight that First Nations people in public life carry and the discourse they are subjected to. I have been so privileged to be a part of this internationally-awarded show and can’t wait for audiences to embrace its final season.”

Writera are Stuart Page, Julia Moriarty, Pip Karmel and Meyne Wyatt. Directed by Wayne Blair and Jub Clerc, it will film in Canberra, the regional NSW town of Trangie and Sydney over the next three months. Season three will premiere in 2024.

Outsider turned kingmaker, Alex Irving (Deborah Mailman), is completely at home in the nation’s capital. While Rachel Anderson (Rachel Griffiths), now an occasional ally, is threatening to upend the entire system by establishing her own political party. However, as Alex attempts to carve out a nation changing legacy, a controversy engineered by her enemies threatens to destroy her career and public reputation. In our final season, Alex must make a choice: either she can stay true to her principles and accept defeat, or she can get her hands dirty and fight back.

Production credit: A Blackfella Films production. Major production investment from the ABC and Screen Australia. Financed with support from Screen NSW with Screen ACT and VicScreen. Producers Darren Dale and Erin Bretherton. Executive Producers Rachel Griffiths and Stuart Page.

ABC Executive Producers Sally Riley and Kelrick Martin. International Distributor is All3Media International.


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