Airdate: Warnie

Two night drama event about cricket legend screens later this month on Nine.

Nine’s two-part drama event Warnie, starring Alex Williams will screen across two nights later this month, strategically screening alongside the Ashes Series.

The cast also features Anthony Hayes, Marny Kennedy, Jacqui Brennan and Jeremy Stanford.

The late, great Shane Warne was truly a larger-than-life character both on and off the field – he transcended cricket. So what was it about this man? How did a kid from Black Rock – who made his living as a cricketer – come to be so famous and mourned by people from around the globe? After all, this is a man who never captained Australia, a sportsman who found himself in trouble, multiple times – at one point banned from the game he loved. Warnie lived his life in the spotlight, with every failing scrutinised by global media and had more than his fair share of controversy. Yet, in spite of all that, Shane Warne managed to retain the love of not only his family and friends but millions around the world. How did he pull it off?

Warnie possessed a rare gift: a genius for spin-bowling, an almost mystical art-form. He completely changed the game of cricket. When Warnie arrived, spin was dead. He turned the game on its head. He was passionate and unpredictable. A brilliant showman. Dangerous, whenever he got the ball. He battled serious injury and adversity. He made mistakes, fell out of favour and fought his way back – many times. Shane Warne loved life. He absolutely ate it up. He loved people and they loved him back. And through it all, he stayed true to himself. He lived to be a legend, an icon. This is his story.

Warnie is produced for the 9Network by Screentime, a Banijay company, in association with VicScreen.

7pm Sunday June 25 and 7:30pm Monday June 26.


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  1. Just watched that promo of Warnie on the embedded Tweet and noticed that they promoted it as Nine’s ‘Major Drama Event’. This type of One-dimensional strategy that Nine uses today annoyed me so much. Sorry, I won’t be tuning in – hope this one flops.

  2. Very impressed and happy that they have gone with an early evening timeslot to capture family audiences. 7.30pm really is the ideal time for drama not 8.30pm, 8.47pm or 9.12pm.

  3. I saw an ad for this during the first State of Origin (when you have no choice but to watch Nine, shame they have The Ashes too), I originally thought it was a parody, it looks terrible.

  4. “People who otherwise have no feelings whatsoever for the game suddenly turn passionate at the mention of his name.”

    Why do they have to make stuff up? I’d prefer to watch an hour of Warne’s bowling highlights over this heavily sugar-coated re-enactment of his private life.

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