Axed: Warnie

Cricket's poor season continues as Shane Warne is dumped for Two and Half Men.

Nine sent through an Amendement on New Year’s Eve noting that Warnie would be out for January 6th, replaced by Two and a Half Men.

All season the talk show had been aligned to air alongside the Ashes and given we were doing so poorly at the time, I read this as a routine Amendment rather than an axing (there had previously been another week it didn’t air because the cricket was off).

Today the Daily Telegraph reports that Nine has axed the final episode of the series. This would make the show the final axing of 2010.

At this awkward time of the year I have been unable to get more detail on this one.

As previously reported, Warnie was also the last variety show to be recorded at GTV9’s Richmond studio.

Which is too, too ironic to editorialise on any further….

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  1. Why Was Temptation axed? Were it’s ratings any worse than 2.5 men? Temptation had a reasonable amount of people asking what happened to the show when 2.5 men was on in the Summer of 09 or 08? and simply continued… seriously, What was the reason for axing Temptation? Wasn’t quite a dead horse yet. Does every night of a locally produced show have to get killer ratings to survive, or does Nine just want to spend little, earn more? Nine: Numbskulls!

  2. ‘Tis a shame Australia couldn’t regain the Ashes but that was Ricky Ponting’s fault – he’s deadset useless, so why punish Warnie? I watched the show, sure, light entertainment but most amusing. Warnie’s alright, I’d like to have him as a mate.

  3. What Next during the part of the year that HI 5 is not on the air?2.5 men at 3:30pm I can only imagine the horror from parents with preschoolers and kindergarten aged children.

  4. @D8v, I have often thought the same thing – why don’t Nine commission a local version of 2.5 Men, seeing as how they have all but devoted their network to the show. If they launch a new channel anytime soon, I am expecting them to call it Nine 2.5, such is their love of the show.

  5. Hmm, Two and a Half Men or Warnie: which is the lesser evil? It’d be like choosing whether to eat a bowl of reheated vomit or a gilded turd. No thanks Channel Nine – I’m not that hungry.

  6. This is hilarious!

    I actually like Two and a Half Men, its one of the few shows you can watch repeats of and not get bored of it, unlike shows like HIMYM and The Office which I enjoy watching a first time but not so much a second.

    Then again, the amount of times Nine runs it, is daft. Why not give The Middle a go at 7pm?

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