Better Homes & Gardens: June 30

This week Charlie and Melissa are joined by Mark Ferguson as they build a garden at Westmead Children’s Hospital.

This week on Better Homes & Gardens Charlie and Melissa are joined by Mark Ferguson as they build a garden at Westmead Children’s Hospital.

Johanna + Pete – Amazing Homes: Middle Harbour House
What do you do if you are lucky enough to own a beautiful harbour location, but your block is narrow, steep, and full of large boulders and trees? Joh and Pete visit a house that has solved that problem and more. Hidden among the trees on the edge of Sydney Harbour is a five-level home that makes use of its ultra-steep and narrow site, with each level slowly revealing itself as you walk down. The design maximises the stunning views of Sydney Harbour with slotted windows that help protect from prying eyes. It may have taken 8 years to build, but the wait was more than worth it.

Charlie + Melissa – Rainforest Adventure Garden
When Charlie and Melissa were asked to build a garden at Westmead Children’s Hospital, it was a project that was near and dear to their hearts. They join 7NEWS presenter Mark Ferguson to create a place where sick kids can go to for adventure, fun and a sense of wonder during their stay. With a lush rainforest plant palette, the garden will become a green heart inside the concrete jungle that is the hospital. Paying homage to the Australian landscape, this playscape design will offer a place for the courageous kids, and their families, can come to for some much-needed calming energy and a respite from the stress of the hospital.

Adam – Shoes Away
While we all like to break down barriers in life, Adam’s doing the opposite and building one up. When it’s a beautiful Tassie Oak screen that adds some privacy to your home’s front entrance, that’s not a bad thing though. But it’s not just a sophisticated screen, it also features a seat with integrated shoe storage and an open shelf to add some style of your own. What a way to be welcomed home when you walk through the front door!

Karen – Thai Spiced Coconut Chicken Rice
If you’re looking for a different way to cook chicken, then Karen has a delicious, one-pot solution that will not only serve the whole family but save on washing up too. With lemongrass, ginger, beans, lime leaves and coconut cream, this Thai curry is a sure-fire hit to beat the midweek meal malaise.

Fast Ed – Fireside Beef & Vegetable Bake
Winter is here and that means it’s time to cook those yummy winter warming recipes, like Ed’s beef and vegetable bake. Complementing the beef mince are some fresh seasonal herbs and vegetables. Ed’s spicing his dish up with a little Peri Peri flavour, but adding spice is up to you. With only two steps, it’s a great one to cook while camping during your winter break, but if you’re at home, cooking it in the oven doubles as an effective way to heat your house at the same time.

Ed – Chopping Herbs When You Struggle With A Knife
Chopping herbs nice and fine is a real skill, but if you don’t want to spend years in culinary college honing your knife skills, Ed has a great shortcut with a utensil you probably already have in your kitchen! It may not give you quite as fine a cut as a knife, but it doesn’t need to. It’s all about feeding the family, not putting on a show.

Graham – Plants For The Future
For over 200 years, the Australian Botanic Garden has been busy researching and protecting plants and constantly growing their sizeable collection. Their one goal is plant preservation and with a newly built state-of-the-art Herbarium, they’re better placed than ever to do just that. So, this is a great time for Graham to re-visit one of his favourite places and catch up with Professor Brett Summerell aka “The Plant Protector” to get a guided tour of this exciting new facility.

Juliet – Refinish Refresh Redress
For a bathroom that was built in the 80s, this bathroom is in pretty good condition, but style is no longer its strong suit. So, Juliet is on hand to give it a modern refresh. But with good bones and structure, it really only requires a cosmetic makeover. With this in mind, Juliet shows you how much you can achieve with just some paint, styling tricks and some simple decorative updates. The best part is, with no demolition, this makeover can be done at a fraction of the time and cost of major renovation.

Dr Harry – Non-Drinking Frenchie
They say you can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make it drink. And the same is true for Louie the 4-year-old French Bulldog. When he uses a bowl, he ends up inhaling water instead of drinking it and is now refusing to drink from said bowl. With their short noses, this isn’t just a problem for Louie, but all French and English Bulldogs. So worried about little Louie are his owners, they’ve taken to pouring water out of a watering can just so he can drink. Can Dr Harry help this cute little bulldog and get him enjoying a refreshing bowl of H20 again?

7pm Friday on Seven / 7TWO.

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