Better Homes & Gardens: Mar 29

This week, preserving food, treating seabirds with injuries plus an historic property that harkens back to the gold rush.

This week on Better Homes & Gardens preserving food, treating seabirds with injuries plus an historic property that harkens back to the gold rush.

Johanna – My Nonna Life
As we look for ways to spend less and save more, one old fashioned skill is gaining popularity, pickling. Aficionado Amy Sloan shares with Joh the love and joy she gets from making things from scratch. Using lessons she learnt from her grandmother, Amy wants us all to learn how to preserve food and embrace our inner Nonna!

Adam – Is Your Aircon Costing You Money?
Split system air conditioners are the silent workhorse of your home until they stop working, usually due to lack of maintenance. But that problem is easily solved, so Adam will show you how to do a routine service on both the exterior and interior units.

Colin – Colin’s World-Famous Chicken Bread
X-rays, Penicillin and Super Glue are all amazing breakthroughs that were discovered by accident. Now you can add to that list, Colin’s famous Chicken Bread. Looking for something to protect the chook from the roasting tray, Colin used bread and had his “Eureka!” moment. After refining the process, he now has a recipe all of his own. Despite featuring a delicious roast chicken, it’s actually the bread in this dish that ends up being the showstopper. It’s crispy on the outside, soft in the middle and chock-full of chickeny goodness.

Colin – Frozen Peanut Butter Block And Praline
If you love ice cream and you love peanut butter, then Colin’s frozen Peanut Butter Block might just become your new favourite sweet treat. You don’t need an ice-cream maker or moulds as the mixture is frozen in a creamy slab. If the praline crumb coating isn’t quite enough, some chunks on top for garnish won’t go astray. Whether you cut it into pieces and serve on a stick or on a plate, the result will be the same a delicious dessert!

Dr Harry – Marine Wildlife Rescue Central Coast
You know the old saying, “A wonderful bird is the pelican. His bill will hold more than his belican…” But that’s only if the Pelican hasn’t got his beak caught in a fishing hook, which happens all too regularly. At the Pelican capital of Australia, Dr Harry meets some hard-working volunteers from Marine Wildlife Rescue who spend their free time catching and treating seabirds with injuries and teaching the public how to keep them safe from harm.

Juliet – Deck’licious Designer Deck
A deck overlooking your garden can be a great place to relax or entertain friends and family but too often they become a dumping ground for all sorts of old stuff. Tonight, Juliet helps a family whose deck has lost its way, becoming drab and messy. With her designer touch, Juliet will not only return this deck back to its former glory, but also create a dining and entertaining zone and a relaxation haven for the owners to unwind in.

Charlie – Me Lawn Won’t Grow
It’s long been the Aussie dream to have a little patch of green grass on our own property, but it’s pretty disappointing when the grass doesn’t grow. When this happens, it’s usually one of three problem areas; soil, water or sunlight. In order to get to the bottom of this mystery, Charlie’s going to have to get down in the dirt and use a bit of science. But dying grass isn’t the only problem here, this garden is also afflicted by blandness. Science won’t help with that, but Charlie’s creativity will!

Melissa – Gardening Secrets At The Garden Of St Erth
About an hour from Melbourne is an historic property that harkens back to the gold rush. The beautifully tended cottage garden is all about gardening organically and smartly and stands like an English Rose in the rough Australian bush. Melissa will explore the organic veg patch and fruit orchard, find out the story behind their recently planted out perennial border. She also has spacing tips when planting, with a focus on choosing the right plant and not over-spending on plants.

Adam – Wobbly Floater
A wobbly shelf is not only annoying but can be dangerous, especially when it’s sitting above a bed. But what’s the problem? Why is it wobbly when everything looks in place? Adam will show you what to look for and how to solve the problem so your shelf will never wobble again. Give it a go this weekend and make sure your books, photos and nicknacks are safe and secure on the shelf and not on your head.

7pm Friday on Seven / 7TWO.

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