Emma Alberici returning to ABC screens

After departing ABC in 2020, Emma Alberici returns. Sort of.

Emma Alberici will return to ABC screens next week after departing the network in 2020.

But all is not as it seems…

She returns to play a news anchor in a cameo appearance on Queen of Oz, the new Catherine Tate comedy in which a bad behaving Royal, Princess Georgiana, is sent down under.

In Australia, Princess Georgiana, manages to make a right royal mess of things.

Alberici was made redundant in 2020 staff cuts by ABC two years after a headline-grabbing economics column. She took her redundancy to the Fair Work Ombudsman and reached a settlement with the broadcaster.

Queen of Oz, which also features Rob Collins, Anthony Brandon-Wong and Robert Coleby.

9:35pm Wednesday on ABC.

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