“Being on set with Catherine felt like you were getting your own private show”

Rob Collins has never laughed so much as working with Catherine Tate, that he would happily do a second season.

As Queen Georgiana’s personal security, Marc would take a bullet for the Australian monarch in ABC comedy Queen of Oz.

And Rob Collins would happiy put his hand up for another season of the comedy, should the UK-Australian comedy be renewed for a second season.

“Being on set with Catherine felt like you were getting your own private show,” Collins tells TV Tonight.

“I mean, there was a lot that didn’t end up in the the final cut of the show where they would let her have free rein and she would just ad lib.

“I don’t think we’ve laughed as hard as we have on set before. It was a real treat and an experience that I’ll treasure forever working with her.

“She was just so warm and generous to all her cast.

“Fingers crossed, if we did go again I would definitely be there.”

With the story teasing a connection between Queen Georgiana and her security, it looks like there will be plenty of scope for a storyline should it proceed to a second season -although tonight’s episode is the big wedding day for the tantrum-throwing Georgiana.

But with hunky Marc inexplicably single, could there he be playing for another team perhaps?

“That’s interesting. I might filter that comment through to the producers to see what happens next season!” he replies.

Collins will next feature in RFDS coming soon to Seven.

Queen of Oz final screens tonight at 9:40pm on ABC.

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