Paramount+ to delete more titles

Inside Amy Schumer, Dave Grohl doco and anthology thriller Tell Me a Story set to be removed.

Paramount+ in the USA will delete more titles from its platform, which will doubtless follow suit in Australia / NZ.

Leading the new list is Inside Amy Schumer, which Paramount last October boasted was an “Emmy and Peabody award-winning hit comedy sketch.”

It will be joined by From Cradle to Stage, a docuseries directed by former Nirvana drummer Dave Grohl and based on his mother’s book, Tell Me a Story, an anthology thriller from Kevin Williamson, a docuseries about Jeffrey Epstein’s partner exec produced by Susan Zirinsky.

Movies include Fantasy Football, directed by Anton Cropper and starring Marsai Martin, Omari Hardwick and Kelly Rowland, and Snow Day, a musical family comedy starring Rob Huebel.

Nickelodeon series to be removed include Allegra’s Window, Bella and the Bulldogs, Monsters vs. Aliens, Nicky Ricky, Dicky & Dawn Pig Goat Banana Cricket and The Troop.

Earlier this week P+ confirmed the impending removal Grease: Rise of the Pink Ladies, Star Trek: Prodigy, The Game and Queen of the Universe.

Source: Deadline

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  1. These are tv shows even if tv is on different platforms now – unfortunately- tv shows get canceled. They can’t go on forever. But also it’s annoying that there are so many platforms and so many tv shows and where do start to find all the ones you want – that’s a problem too.

  2. After going through all the trouble to get its shows all in the one platform (Star Trek).
    I assume this is to save money on royalties and some yearly renewal, but you’d think surely with their home branded shows it would nearly be a lifetime guarantee.

    I mean has netflix removed any of its homemade catalogue?

    1. There is a few but nothing too tier. Lilyhammer (their first series) is an example. They also removed the episodes of Arrested Development that they commissioned.

      WBD & Paramount are in so much debt and there isn’t enough eyeballs on the content plucked for removal. I would rather not see these shows than not see HBO or Network10 survive for example. Their debt is debilitating ..

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