Rumour: Sam Pang to host Logie Awards

Self-deprecating star looks set to be the man to win over the toughest room in the industry.

Tom tom drums are beating very loudly that Sam Pang is set to be announced as host of the Logie Awards on Seven.

That would make him the first host in 12 years, with recent ceremonies all featuring shared duties by guest presenters. The task has been referred to in the past as a “poisoned chalice,” but hosted Logies have also been the most memorable over the decades.

Seven’s top brass are keen to refresh TV’s “night of nights” and remain convinced he is the man to win over the toughest room in the industry.

Pang is ridiculously popular with fan bases cultivated via The Front Bar on Seven, Have You Been Paying Attention on 10, Melbourne radio Nova and Triple R. He has been part of Santo, Sam and Ed’s Total Football on ABC Radio, Eurovision Song Contest on SBS, recently toured as part of The Comedians with Mick Molloy, Lawrence Mooney, and Marty Sheargold -and has been a repeat winner as Favourite Male in the TV Tonight Awards.

Last year Pang accepted an award on behalf of Kitty Flanagan who won Most Popular Actress for Fisk and had the room in stitches with his self-deprecating style.

“This is a little bit like in 1973 at the Oscars when Marlon Brando won and he sent up a Native American,” he joked.

“I had a small part in season one of Fisk. This will be the first time a speech is longer than the role.”

He previously presented an award in 2017 along with his mother’s cousin, Lorrae Desmond.

TV Week will announce nominations on Monday week in Sydney.

The awards will take place on Sunday July 30 screening on Seven.

Seven has been contacted for comment.

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  1. The perfect person to host the Logies. Samsledging here we come! It also feels good to see tv tonight (who I have supported daily for around 15 years) become a Celeb in its own right on HYBPA.

  2. Well done David and TV Tonight on being a question during this weeks HYBPA! Sam Pang is hilarious. 😆🤣😂 I feel sorry for Tony Martin as he struggles to score.

  3. Great news. In the “showbiz” segment of tonight’s Have You Been Paying Attention, they showed the above picture alongside the TVTonight logo and had the question: Sam Pang to host [what]……

    They said Logies, but nothing was confirmed….

    I say, watch this space

  4. Sam is so underrated, I’m so glad he gets to do this. And I believe he’ll be the first person of colour to host as well which is exciting (and long overdue)!

  5. Good idea. Hopefully can keep show under 4 hours and finish it by midnight. We are watching for the award winners, nominees etc. Aside from short and snappy opening monologue, not sure there’s value in having host taking up heaps of time when there’s so many awards to give out and performances etc.

      1. Amen to that since they stopped overseas guests presenting the Logies instead we’ve still had plenty of overseas artists performing constantly, it’s not the Grammys or Tony awards we don’t need hear boring Buble or mindless scantily clad pop stars performing on them. More comedy and Sam will be the best host since Andrew Denton, who was the best host since Bert. But just as long as the keep Tony Martin announcing he is absolutely awesome too.

  6. When the Logie highlight reels are just Tony Martin comments, it would be good sense to have more Tony Martin on The Logie Awards. Maybe Tony could host with Sam.

  7. Great choice, hosting the Logies was always a way for someone to put their head above the parapet in the industry, for better or worse.
    The host-less format was worth a try after some dreadful hosting in the 2000s, but it has run its course.

  8. I hope Sam Pang does host the Logies. He is pretty popular across multiple tv channels and radio stations, and has won several TVTonight Awards,. His style of comedy is suited to the Logies.

    The one thing that has been missed at the Logies over the last decade is a host.

  9. Yes. This would be a great step to restoring the Logies, giving it personality and life. The last 12 years have been lacklustre with a string of presenters wheeled out to read poor jokes off the auto cue.

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