Better Homes & Gardens: special

Charlie Albone, Graham Ross and Melissa King share their favourite gardening tips in a Saturday special.

Green thumbs Charlie Albone, Graham Ross and Melissa King share their favourite gardening tips, tricks and leafy sanctuaries in a Better Homes and Gardens gardening special screening this Saturday.

Charlie – Lifeless To Lush Courtyard
Just because you’re low on space and can’t get anything to grow in your small and shaded courtyard, doesn’t mean you can’t have fun with it. Charlie will show you how to turn it into a reliable, lush retreat, which plants to use and how to introduce some handy design elements to help make use of what you already have. You’ll be relaxing in no time.

Graham – Terrara Walkaround
Situated on the bank of the Shoalhaven River on the South Coast of NSW, is one of those rare magical properties. ‘Where the Land meets the Sea’ Terrara House was established in 1904 and is undoubtedly the finest Historic Mansion in the Shoalhaven region. Tonight, Graham takes you on a tour of this pristine land consisting of parterre gardens, hedged mazes, a checkerboard, herb garden and artisan produce garden. Graham finds a new experience at every turn of the property!

Melissa – Worm Farming
Have you got worms at your place? Melissa thinks you should. Worm farming, also known as vermicomposting, is a home-gardener friendly means of using worms to produce your own garden fertiliser. Worm farms reduce your waste by eating your food scraps, so they make a great urban farming solution. Once your farm is in operation, you’ll never have to pay for fertiliser again!

Charlie – The Power Of Nature
It is well proven that plants are more than just good for the soul. From improving productivity and wellbeing, to joining the fight against climate change, nature-based solutions have the power to make a real difference to our cities and our lives. Tonight, Charlie explores a few of the Junglefy Greenwall projects, the science behind the living breathing walls and meets some of the passionate team behind the scenes who are growing, nurturing and spreading the power of nature.

Graham – The Extraordinary Exotic Garden
Secluded from the outside world is a unique property filled with the most amazing collection of plants. Tonight, Graham visits an extraordinary exotic garden created by Clint, a passionate plant collector who is, plain and simple, mad about plants. He’s made a career out of creating amazing tropical gardens, dry gardens, designer gardens and gardens that you’ve only dreamed of. This euphoria has inspired travel across the globe to source new material and find the newest and coolest plant collectables. Step inside the gates and the journey begins!

Melissa – Thrill, Fill & Spill
Potted plants are an ever popular and achievable option for the home gardener, no matter what type of space you have at home, or what your gardening expertise level is. Using the “Thrill, Fill and Spill” planting rule, Melissa will give you all the tips and tricks to creating layered planting combos within the one pot, giving your garden that extra pop.

Charlie – The Native Cottage
With over 24,000 plants native to Australia and weather conditions that can be from one extreme to the next, it can be hard to know what will grow in your garden. Firstly, it’s good to know what’s endemic by visiting your local botanic gardens. And secondly, if you’ve only got a smallish garden, then listen to Charlie who has all the tips you need for your cottage garden of Australian natives to survive and thrive.

Melissa – Spring Hill Peony Farm Walkaround
Tonight, Melissa is visiting Spring Hill Peony Farm located in the Central Highlands in Victoria, home to over 10,000 Peonies! Peonies only flower for about two weeks, so thankfully Melissa is visiting at the exact right time. Melissa catches up with owners Nicky & Mac who started as beginners and now live and breathe Peonies. They share their farm to thousands of visitors each year to admire the amazing show of flowers. Oh, and there’s even a cute little church on site for those who want to take advantage of these beautiful flowers that are thought to symbolise a happy marriage.

Charlie – Gutter Garden
If you’ve got plants growing out of your gutters, that’s usually not a good thing, but not when you’ve upcycled some old gutters into a hydroponic garden! Charlie makes use of some old scrap he finds under the house to create a length of lush garden bed that will not only brighten up any fence or balustrade but supply some much-needed fresh fruit or vegetables as well.

7pm Saturday 29th July on Seven / 7TWO.

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