Friday Flashback: Tony Bennett sings at 2012 Logie Awards

Eleven years ago the Logies pulled out an A-list guest appearance.

Back in 2012 the late, great Tony Bennett was an A-list star at the Logie Awards on Nine.

Seven is hoping to bring a touch of class to the 2023 event but surely has their work cut out to improve on this…

Wait for the star who make a cameo..

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  1. I first became aware of Tony Bennett and his music in 1986 when he topped the bill of a Sunday night UK television variety series, Live from The Piccadilly, and have followed his career with some interest since.

    In the intervening years, he never really seemed to age, probably due to a combination of good genetics and enthusiasm for what he did. His music, like him, remained timeless and enduring in its appeal, and his willingness to collaborate with others allowed him to reach out to new audiences.

    Despite his good age, his death still took me by surprise as he was something of a constant in an ever changing world.

    RIP Tony (and thank you for being such a classy entertainer).

  2. Despite this probably being paid for by the record company Nine certainly never skimped on production at the Logies.
    Hopefully 7 will do a better job than they used to do with the AACTA Awards.
    Not looking forward to the endless MKR & the Voice promos we will be saturated with during the overlong ad breaks 7 loves.

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