Kyle Sandilands pulls out of Logies

"I told them to shove it in their a***," said Kyle Sandilands.

Kyle Sandilands has withdrawn as a Logie Awards presenter, revealing all on radio on Friday.

“I’ve been asked to present something but I’ve had to pull the pin. I told them to shove it in their a*** – exact words, yesterday,” he said.

“I had to bring my child out, who’s not even one, to present the best Sesame Street or some kids things or whatever. It was supposed to be 10 past 8 but they can’t guarantee that it’s going to be before 9.

“I said ‘I’ve got a baby. I can’t have some baby there.'”

Jackie O added, “We’ve been told that we’re on stage at 8:10.”

“Lied to!” Kyle interjected.

“But we’re thinking everyone’s getting told 8:10 because who doesn’t want to be on at 8:10? That’s the perfect time to be on. So do you happen to have the rundown on you?” she continued.

When Jackie O said he coudn’t pull out at this late stage, Sandilands said, “I’ve already pulled out. I’ve told them. The exact words were ‘Shove it in your a***.’ years. I’m not doing it. Why are you going? You’re not even on TV”

“That’s true. I’m not anymore,” Jackie O. replied.

Organisers are yet to confirm his replacement.

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  1. I’m with Kyle on this. Organisers should have been able to guarantee an earlier time, especially where a baby is concerned.

    …and I mean Kyle’s son !

  2. He’s such a diva honestly. He should do all of us a favour and go away. Far away and there’s no great loss. I don’t understand why anyone likes him.

  3. Good on Kyle. Also Osher from The Bachelor said on The Project the other night as a Gold Logie nominee you get a plus 1 invite so is taking his wife. On News Breakfast the other morning Leigh Sales said she cannot take anyone because she never got a plus 1 invite. Confusing.

  4. Although most don’t like the way Kyle views his opinion on radio, to be fair, he does have a point. Regarding the times of the award, it is late it the one year old to be up.

    Was the last time a baby was at the Logies when Lleyton and Bec Hewitt plus baby were presenting the same category? .

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