MKR 2023: promo

Seven teases first contestants for its next cooking show season.

Seven last night unveiled first promos for MKR 2023, including best friends Tommy and Rach.

Judging areManu Feildel and Colin Fassnidge with Nigella Lawson to come later in the season.

The Melbourne-based housemates often get mistaken for a loved-up couple with the amount of affectionate touches and glances they share. The truth? They are just friends.

Tommy says: “Our relationship is almost as if we are dating. It’s a little bit complicated.”

“We are not in a relationship romantically,” adds Rach.

Both agree they couldn’t think of competing in MKR with anyone but each other. Is friendship the secret ingredient to win MKR?

Tommy and Rach are representing Western Australia: Rach’s home state.

MKR features co-hosts and judges Manu Feildel and Colin Fassnidge travelling across the country to meet Australia’s most passionate home cooks – real people, cooking real food, in their own homes – before International superstar Nigella Lawson joins them as judge in Kitchen HQ.

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  1. Is there any news on the length of the season, types of challenges, etc? I really enjoyed the original format of house visits / challenges / home-visits / finals.

  2. With Block launching much earlier this year, head to head with Voice (following WTC / AFL / World Cup / Logies), I wonder if Seven are eyeing off a prolonged ‘space’ now in Q4, sort of mid-October to early December to attempt to fire for any last hits/claw back ratings share?

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