SBS World Movies: Homegrown Week

2022 Aussie feature premieres as part of a Homegrown Cinema week.

SBS World Movies will screen a selection of Aussie classics in Homegrown Week from Monday, with 2022 feature Petrol airing on Tuesday 1 August at 9:30pm.

Director Alena Lodkina said: “For me, Petrol is a film about a young woman’s search of self, the strange line between self and others, the vulnerability of youth. At a time of change and discovery, when one readily loses oneself in other people, the delicate line between reality and imagination can become blurred.”

SBS On Demand & World Movies Channel Manager, Haidee Ireland said: “We have a wealth of talent in Australia, both on-screen and behind the lens, who offer their unique perspective to homegrown stories and characters. We’re delighted to celebrate these special films on SBS On Demand in the Homegrown Cinema collection, offering the chance for audiences old and new to experience the amazing work of Australian creatives.”

Don’t miss Alena Lodkina’s feature film Petrol, fresh from its return from New York’s New Directors/New Films festival, and Australian theatrical debut last month. The film has received major production investment from Screen Australia in association with VicScreen. Financed with support from the Melbourne International Film Festival Premiere Fund, Orange Entertainment, SBS and Arenamedia. Developed with assistance of Screen Australia.

Petrol is the story of a haunted friendship between two young women Nathalie Morris (Bump) and Hannah Lynch, and the discovery of the world and self through a strange bond. The film is quintessentially Melbourne in its setting, the city where it was shot and edited.

Eva, an impressionable film student of Russian background, befriends an enigmatic performance artist named Mia who quickly takes hold of Eva’s imagination. As Eva moves in with Mia and their lives grow more and more entwined, Eva sets off on a surreal journey of awakening, haunted by dreams, fantasies and ghosts.

It is produced by Kate Laurie, with cinematography by Michael Latham, editing by Luca Cappelli and production design by Leah Popple.


SBS On Demand has over 50 Australian titles to explore.

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  1. As is standard practice for SBS Movies, they’ll lump together various pretty unrelated films as a ‘special season’-‘Road Games’?-seriously?-a near 40 year old film with US stars in it that could easily be set in the USA. I remember when 9 used to show student film projects over the Summer non ratings period 20-30 years back and recently the commercial stations have been showing low budget local films as fillers late night such as ‘Pimp’.

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