“An out-of-body experience”: Sonia Kruger explains her Logie speech

At the end of a very long day, Sonia Kruger got to the microphone only to realise she had left her speech in her bag.

Sonia Kruger has written an article on her Logie night and admits dropping the ball in her acceptance speech.

After winning, she attempted gags about her agent looking to drop Hamish Blake from the books (not really).

It had surely been a long day for the Seven star, who began hair and make-up at 8am ahead of hosting the Red Carpet. By the time her name was announced just shy of 11:30pm, she was exhausted.

“It was around this moment that my name was announced, and I had 10 seconds to make my way to the stage. Once I got there I realised I had a speech prepared… in my bag. But I was now standing in front of a microphone,” she wrote in Stellar.

“No worries, I told myself, just wing it. So, ignoring the age-old rule that preparation is key, I tried to crack a few jokes that (in my head) were funny, but went down like a lead balloon with the equally exhausted audience. In that moment, I wanted a trapdoor to open up and drop me straight through it to a Chinese restaurant and a plate of san choy bow – which is my other happy place.

“After an out-of-body experience in which I witnessed myself being involved in a slow-motion car crash of television, I was taken backstage, a glass of champagne was handed to me and I was ushered into the afterparty.”

She adds, “It had been eight years since a woman had won the Gold Logie, which is definitely something to celebrate. And there are many people – both friends and colleagues – I would like to have thanked personally on the night. Luckily, I’m pretty sure they know who they are.

“As one of my buddies told me afterwards, ‘Sonia, most people who know you like you because you’re real. And you do tend to stuff up a lot.’ So instead of trying to rewrite history, let’s raise a glass to the fact that none of us is perfect. Cheers to that.”

You can read more here.

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  1. Agree that her speech wasn’t the best, nor funny. Blaming it on a long day is a good enough excuse. lol.

    When winners “forget” their speeches somewhere, or didn’t write one saying “i didn’t expect to win”, then please try to not be “witty”…… Just thank the audience/peers for voting, thank your manager, and thank “the amazing team you work for”, and walk off 🙂

    Also was a bit over the campaigning to win. First, Tom Gleeson did it himself in 2019, and then Channel Seven did for Sonia in 2023. Was a bit too much for my liking.

  2. I don’t have strong views on Sonia Kruger one way or the other. It was not a surprise to me she won the gold given she features on three high profile seven shows each with reasonably different demographics. Whenever I have seen her, she does a solid job. The logies speech was a train wreck as has been widely reported. I would be surprised if anyone interpreted it as nasty rather a very poor attempt at humour. Always best to be self deprecating in such a speech if you are going to wing it. Any who, she’s owned it to her credit. Nothing else to see here.

    1. Maybe Daryl should have gone a bit longer with his auction gag to give Sonia more time to fish her speech out of her bag before the announcement.

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