Axed?: No decision on The ABC Of…

Updated: Host David Wenham tweeted ABC interview show has not been recomissioned but senior sources say a decision is yet to be made.


Senior ABC sources have told TV Tonight no decision has been made on The ABC Of despite a tweet from host David Wenham saying the show has not been recomissioned.


Interview series The ABC Of has ended at two seasons.

Host David Wenham has announced on Twitter, “Thank you for the wonderful responses to The ABC Of interview series. Sadly, the ABC today has decided not to commission the series again.”

The series delved into ABC archives for retrospective interviews with Ita Buttrose, Evonne Goolagong Cawley, Garry McDonald, Sarah Ferguson, John Howard, Wil Anderson, Jack Thompson, Miranda Tapsell, Ian Chappell, Greig Pickhaver, Wendy Harmer and Julia Gillard.

It’s a somewhat surprising move given ABC has previously expressed the challenges of 8pm Tuesday shows which need broad appeal in between 7:30 and its 8:30 doco slot.

Recent titles have included A New Leash on Life, Great Australian Stuff, Take 5 with Zan Rowe, Great Southern Landscapes.

Most episodes in the recent season drew above 300,000 metro viewers, with the best at 389,000 for an episode with Germaine Greer.

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  1. The ABC of….. is a great, simple talk show, and quite enjoyable. David Wenham is a nice host.

    No decision has been made yet? Wait 9 months later, and we will find out, just like what happened to Frankly…

  2. I enjoyed this show…looking back on the years and talking to the guests gave you an insight how they perceived their careers…at least it’s not like 2 shows I won’t mention…1 in particular going back in time full of mostly young people using a lot profanity and thinking it’s comedy and the other with a ridiculous scenario that we have royalty. Now they are a waste of taxpayers money IMO….seriously what’s with all the 4 letter words in most shows lately..question is…it it really necessary or does shock value come into play?

  3. Disappointing, very disappointing. I thought it a clever concept, great use of one of the finest, if not the best archives in Australia; an opportunity to salute and hear from some iconic figures, and a great host in the genial and thoughtful David Wenham. I am increasingly less enamored with the choices over at Ultimo.

  4. I don’t mean for this to sound the way it does, but this has to be among the cheapest shows the ABC makes. 2 chairs, a camera and ~10 minutes of footage from the ABC’s own archive. Enjoyed the few eps I saw. Sorry to see it go.

  5. What a stupid decision, we enjoyed watching the show. I guess the research costs are expensive or perhaps the ABC researchers are included in the recently announced redundancies.

    David, out of curiosity, is there an official announcement/media release by the ABC? If so, where? Professor Google can’t find out it (does find your announcement/this webpage though). Thanks.

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