Better Homes & Gardens: Sept 1

This week, Phil Burton plus clingy cavaliers and Mushroom & Potato Sausage Roll Pie.

Phil Burton is guest this week on Better Homes & Gardens.

Plus Mushroom & Potato Sausage Roll Pie -eat with caution?

Johanna – Phil Burton
With Father’s Day upon us, Joh catches up with a singing sensation who put his family first. Phil Burton is one quarter of the multi-million selling, ARIA winning boyband, Human Nature. After a ten-year residency in Las Vegas, Phil left the band to concentrate on raising his kids at home in Sydney. And it seems to have proved a good decision as he tells Joh what he’s getting up to now, after winning Dancing With The Stars.

Adam + Charlie – Outside The Box And Into The Garden
Having a backyard in cities that are becoming denser by the minute is a wonderful thing. But if it isn’t inviting, then it’s just wasted space. Charlie and Adam have found just such a yard, so they’re transforming a dank and wasted corner into a place to be immersed in and enjoyed. While Charlie greens up the area with a variety of plants and lays a pebble path with some feature steppingstones, Adam builds a bench seat for the end of the path, giving the owners a spot to retreat to and relax.

Karen – Lime Coconut Cheesecake With Nutty Base
Cheesecake is a favourite dessert with so many different styles and flavour combinations. Karen has her own take that’s creamy, zesty and deliciously coconutty. But the best bit is the crust is made from nuts, making it not only scrumptious, but also gluten free, so everyone can enjoy it!

Fast Ed – Mushroom & Potato Sausage Roll Pie
Are there any foods an Aussie dad loves more than meat pies and sausage rolls? Sure, men are more sophisticated than those ageing stereotypes, but that doesn’t mean they’re not a great option for lunch. So, Ed’s putting them together in a budget friendly dish that’s easy enough for the kids to muck in and help make. With all the veggies, potato mash and meat you could want, this sausage roll pie is Father’s Day in a mouthful.

Fast Ed – Swedish Chocolate Cake With Candied Strawberries
Easy Chocolate Cake. Three words we love to see together. Not only is Ed’s Swedish chocolate cake rich and delicious, it really is very easy. With only five ingredients and 25-minutes cooking time, you don’t need to be a great baker to get a delightful result.

Melissa – Revitalising Your Pot Plants
This week Melissa will show you how to revive your tired pot plants. From changing your potting mix, to watering and feeding techniques – she will give you all the secrets to keeping your beautiful potted plants thriving, even how to change the look of the space with the change of seasons!

Juliet – Fake It Till You Make It Art Print
You don’t have to be a great artist to make great art. Juliet has a great hack that will give newly printed art the texture of hand-painted oil-paintings. But it’s not just the texture, she’ll also show you how to give the prints a patina for an authentic aged look. With the ability to print any artwork that is out of copyright and matching it with the right frame, means aligning your home’s décor with your art will soon be breeze.

Dr Harry – Clingy Cavaliers
We love our dogs, and they love us back unconditionally. But what happens when they love us a little bit too much? Dr Harry meets a couple of clingy cavaliers who just can’t let go of their owner, Kate. But a mixture of medication and training might just do the trick. But these aren’t just solutions for Kate’s Cavaliers, take note because Dr Harry’s techniques could well help you out with your dog too.

7pm Friday on Seven / 7TWO.

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