Returning: The Masked Singer

Space Fairy is teased ahead of bonkers singing show return in September.

Season 5 of The Masked Singer begins on 10 next month.

Back on the guessing panel are Mel B, Chrissie Swan, Abbie Chatfield and Dave Hughes, with Osher Günsberg as host.

Here are the teaser videos for Cowgirl, Snow Fox, Bouncer and Space Fairy as designed by Tim Chappel.

Still to come are Fawn, Blue Bottle, Tiny, The Captain, Orca, Crash Test Dummy, Burger Gal, Bad Avocado and Grim Reaper.


Monday, 11 September at 7.30pm on 10.

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  1. I have enjoyed this show over the years but I wish they ramped up the mystery element. Majority of singers do not try to change their voice and can even be identified by the short teaser clips before the show airs. I’ve always said a ‘clueless’ contestant could be fun!

      1. Yeah the teasers are without specific clues. When I mentioned ‘clueless’ singer before, I meant that one of them does not have any clues given throughout the series or perhaps to half way through. Here’s hoping we see some singers change up their voices to try and trick the judges and audience.

  2. I’m not bothered with the singers and their singing…I love the costumes and I reckon they should get more recognition and applause for their creativity and the making of them…its a feat on it’s own to accomplish that.

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