Sonia Kruger on Hamish Blake dig: “I must give him another apology email.”

Sonia says people took her joke at Hamish Blake's expense too seriously, but plans to apologise to him.

Sonia Kruger has explained that after a long Logies day, from an 8am Sunday start, her brain was “scrambled” by the time she won the Gold at 11:30pm.

“I had written something. It was in my bag so that didn’t help, so I kind of just had to wing it and my brain was so scrambled,” Kruger told KIIS FM.

She also referred to that joke in which she paraphrased manager Mark Klemens, who also represents Hamish Blake, saying he hoped that Blake will leave the agency so he could concentrate his efforts on her.

“I was making the joke about our agent, Hamish and I, and I think people took it seriously. It was an absolute joke and the agent found it funny, I hope Hamish did too. I must give him another apology email today,” she explained.

Kuger partied on til around 2:45am on Monday morning getting just a few hour sleep, mostly in her make-up.

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