Tipping Point ripe to replace Hot Seat

All signs point to Tipping Point as Hot Seat's successor in 2024.

Nine’s likely plans for its 5pm timeslot in 2024 are looking much clearer with confirmation that a local version of Tipping Point will be filmed in Melbourne.

Casting by Endemol Shine Australia is underway for a local series filming from October.

“To be involved all you need is a fun positive personality, a good level of general knowledge and to be above the age of 18,” a casting notice announced.

The oddly hypnotic, slow-burn UK game show sees Ben Shephard test contestants on general knowledge to win counters which they use on a large coin pusher arcade-style machine. It currently screens at 3pm on Nine and often inches into the daily Top 20 shows.

Earlier this year UK producers RDFTelevision were seeking Aussie expats for episodes to be produced in Britain in conjunction with Endemol Shine Australia. It’s not clear how a local production impacts on those plans.

Last week when Eddie McGuire Hot Seat would go into “Hiatus” after January 2024 he added, “.. the good news is the show that will replace me will be produced out of Melbourne and the wonderful staff at GTV who have worked alongside me, hopefully would be a big part of it.”

Nine declined to comment.

You can apply here.

Updated: Peter Ford on 6PR tips Todd Woodbridge as local Tipping Point host.

What should Nine screen at 5pm in 2024?

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  1. We got totally addicted to this during lockdowns qnd still are!! I would hands down apply but probably wont get a look in as I’m in WA. But for me, part of the appeal is Ben so will be interesting to see how a local version goes.

  2. Ah, the Todd Woodbridge tip that he’s host of Tipping Point- can just imagine the promo saturation during the Australian Tennis Open… Commentator “This match is at a tipping point… speaking of which…(giant CGI machine rises from the court) Looking forward to your new show Todd, tell us about it” etc etc. And water marks through the coverage.

  3. Why 10 doesn’t have The Price is Right on during the day baffles me. It’s a CBS show.
    I miss Wheel of Fortune and watch the USA syndicated version on YouTube a fair bit.
    A 5pm Aussie soap on 9 then Wheel at 5.30.

  4. The questions are ridiculously easy and never get difficult and the coin game is just a 19th Century English form of gambling. I can’t stand it. Those UK eps featuring Australians were pilots for Nine, they will probably run them as a transition.

    1. Admittedly, it’s no Mastermind. But in its defence, the questions do get more difficult with each passing round and in the final round, the contestant can choose the difficulty of the question for a higher or lower amount of counters. To be honest, I find the end game of Tipping Point is often quite tedious and not overly suited to a news lead in, but curious to see how it fares.

  5. If a local tipping point goes ahead, I wonder what happens with SA & WA markets. Given that Hot Seat rates poorly in these markets, Nine may need to consder the appropriate timeslot.
    If DC wins the role to host TP, I wonder what will happen with his hosting commitments on Today Extra? Given that Today Extra comes from TCN, he will need to juggle his commitments.

    1. The UK version seems to do well earlier in the day so I think it’s a good move by Nine and a calculated risk that has more chance of paying off than not.

  6. I think I’ve taken the mickey out of this show on in TVT comments in the past for being proof the Brits can make a silly gameshow out of absolutely anything, but in the last couple of months I’ve become strangely addicted and can’t help but watch quite regularly so I find this news strangely pleasing…

    1. I’m the same. Along side daily press conferences from our premier, Tipping Point was one of those shows I watched a lot of during lockdowns.

      Like Deal or No Deal, someone is guaranteed to walk away with something, and it comes down to strategy.

      1. Not exactly true. I watch a bit of the ending sometimes (I sometimes watch the 4pm news), and on some occassions, contestants leave with absolutely nothing as they take on three additional counters and the jackpot counter doesn’t go over the tipping point.

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