Better Homes & Gardens: Sept 29

Sunrise weatherman Sam Mac shows off his home renovation to Joh Griggs this week.

This Friday on Better Homes & Gardens Joh Griggs visits Sam Mac, plus a local bowlo in Sydney and The Royal Botanic Gardens, Cranbourne.

Johanna – Sunrise And Sam Mac The Weatherman
After moving from Martin Place, the Sunrise team have a shiny new set to show off and Johanna is there to appreciate it and catch up with Nat, Shirvo and Sam the weatherman. But the Sunrise set isn’t the only new space Sam is getting used to. His home reno has taken a while, but he’s more than happy to show Joh around. And if all that change wasn’t enough, Sam and his partner Bec are now proud parents to daughter Margot. So, come and meet the Sunrise weatherman extraordinaire, who doesn’t s always remember to do the weather!

Adam – Hanging Seat
The weather’s warming up, so it’s nice to have somewhere to hang out in the backyard. Adam’s building just the thing; a hanging seat perfect for passing those summer nights away with someone special. Using off-the-shelf products and basic DIY techniques, you’ll have no worries making this over a weekend.

Fast Ed – Reverse-Roasted Lamb Leg With Crunchy Potato And Asparagus Salad
Forget everything you know about roasting lamb. Well, not everything, but one major thing. Ed’s going to flip the script and roast a leg of lamb the complete opposite way to the traditional method. With a herby paste, a roast potato, onion and asparagus salad on the side, this might be your new favourite lamb recipe.

Fast Ed – Easy Golden Syrup And Lemon Cake
If like Ed, baking is your happy place, but you run out of time on weekends, then this golden syrup and lemon cake is for you. Because it’s made like a shortbread, it’s all done by hand with no need for a stand-mixer. The golden syrup not only gives the cake a more moist and tender texture than a cake made with sugar but helps it last three or four times longer than a regular cake. But if that’s not enough, Ed’s also basting with a lemon and golden syrup sauce and garnishing with a candied lemon slices.

Fast Ed – Food Storage Tips
Storing your fruit and veggies isn’t as simple as just putting them in the pantry or fridge. Ed has some easy little tips and tricks you should know to extend the shelf-life of your fresh Aussie produce.

Graham – Bevvies ‘N’ Bowls
As our cities become more and more crowded, open green spaces are more important than ever for our physical, mental and emotional well-being. At a local Sydney Bowlo, Graham finds a local trust run club that’s so much more than just bowls and bevvies. Sure, they’re still there, but with a garden, family area, live music, tool and book library, it’s completely transformed itself and the local community. But Graham being Graham, he can’t pass up the opportunity to have a little look at their green and help out.

Charlie – Red Desert In The City
Australia’s red sand deserts are like no other, but getting out of the city and into the country’s beating heart can be expensive. Charlie’s found a way to experience the unique atmosphere without having to travel far. The Royal Botanic Gardens Cranbourne is a desert oasis in the middle of Melbourne’s suburbs. He tours this award-winning contemporary garden that celebrates the diversity of the many types of Australian landscapes and flora and hopes to inspire visitors to further explore the wonderful world of local plants.

Melissa – Popular Peace Lily
The Peace Lily is one of the most popular indoor plants and it’s easy to see why. They produce a deep green foliage that brings a lushness to any space. They’re also one of the few indoor plants that actually flower. Melissa shows you how to care for your lily and help bring peace to your home.

Juliet – The Fascinating Milliner
Hats are back in fashion, so Juliet is off to meet renowned Milliner, Catherine Kelly. Whether you’re going to the races, a fancy lunch or just need something to protect you against the sun, there’s a hat for you. Beyond just making hats, Catherine also loves sharing her skills and tips by teaching others how to make hats and tonight you’re invited to an introductory class. If you’re getting ready for an event this Spring, tune in because Juliet isn’t keeping the secrets to wearing a hat… under her hat.

Dr Harry – Benji Won’t Walk
Taking your dog for a walk is one of the best things about owning a dog. It’s not only great exercise for you and them, it’s mentally stimulating, gives your dog a chance to socialise with other dogs and helps to grow the bond between you and your dog. Tonight, we meet the Sinclair family and their rescue pup ‘Benji’ who has decided to put the brakes on when the lead comes out. Can Dr Harry get Benji out the gate and moving again?

7pm Friday on Seven / 7TWO.

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