Radha and Prabha win MKR 2023

Heritage food scores with judges as identical twins from NSW take out 2023 title.

Identical twins Radha and Prabha have won MKR 2023 after a two hour Grand Final.

The two sisters from NSW scored 27 / 30 defeating friends Nick and Christian from Victoria with 25 / 30.

They take home a $100,000 prize having serving a four course meal to judges Manu Feildel, Nigella Lawson and Colin Fassnidge.

“I’ll never ever forget this moment. I’m literally shaking my knees right now,” said Prahba.

Radha added: “Turns out the flavours you bring from your heritage, they’re the strongest roots that you can rely on.”

“I couldn’t be more proud of everything that we’ve achieved through this,” said Christian.

These were the 4 courses cooked by the two teams, at 100 plates each:

Radha and Prabha:
Spicy Fish Fry with Yellow Dhal and Tomato Chutney
Kerala Prawn Curry with Roti and Spiced Potato and Eggplant
Chicken Biryani with Cucumber Raita and Pickled Onion.
Pistachio Ice Cream Chocolate Dome with Almond and Orange Crumb

“It was cooked perfectly, spiced perfectly,” said Colin.

Nick and Christian:
Scallops with Black Pudding and Bloody Mary Butter
Crayfish with Vadouvan Butter and Witlof Salad.
Bavette with Red Wine Jus and Truffle.
‘3181 Mess’

Manu said: “You delivered something that was surprising and delicious and with technique.”

The ITV Studios series has performed well for Seven, including some episodes eclipsing The Block.

Casting is already underway for a 2024 series.

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  1. The whole show was scripted you can tell when they start saying the same things over and over again. Plus it was basically rigged from the start to have the twins win. The boys were better they showed more technical skill. They were robbed because the twins were obviously the favourites of the judges.

  2. Very happy for both teams and wouldn’t have complained whoever won. The only thing that annoyed me a little bit was the girl’s mother coaching them from above. I think she was more a hindrance than a help though because they seemed to get more nervous with her calling out to them. I like the shorter version. Congratulations to all concerned.

  3. Enjoyed the whole competition. The ladies were deserving winners. But it’s the same MKR every year,TV viewers knew who was going to win because whoever’s scores were judged second would be the winner.

    1. No they weren’t. The boys didn’t stand a chance because it was set up for the twins to win from the start. They got a free pass to the semis and it was annoying.

  4. Not MKR specific but I’m constantly amazed by how small the prize money is on Australian TV. Considering how Australian reality extends a show for so many episodes of content, the amount of advertising and sponsorship they must sell during a season of these shows. I don’t know how much prime time advertising slots cost these days but surely $100,000 wouldn’t buy you too many ad slots. Of course we also get to enjoy being told how life changing the prize will be about 10 times an episode.

    1. In fairness this was 16 episodes show and Radha and Prabha only cooked on 3 episodes – $100,000 isn’t too bad for their efforts.

      It’s not like how MKR use to be a 40+ episode run with most finalist teams cooking in around half of the episodes for a $250k prize.

  5. Thanks for the spoiler. Sure its an interesting article and alot of people will be interested. But if theyve seen the final episode they would already know the result. If they havent seen the final episode then some people might not want to know who won it until they watch it. Some people might be watching episodes online, recorded etc.

    1. Hot tip: avoid media if you don’t want to know the end result of a high rating tv show that you haven’t seen. Pretty simple. So hopefully you’ll know this for all future shows.

    2. Same for any already-broadcast content e.g. sport. If you don’t want to know the result, stay offline – and don’t talk to any real human beings without warning them in advance not to tell you.

      News sites like this will always report as soon as the show has aired. I wouldn’t expect anything less.

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