Axed: Studio 10 ending after 10 years

"2500+ episodes is an incredible feat... we're all really proud of being part of it," say Studio 10 hosts as morning show confirms its final episode in December.

Morning television show Studio 10 is ending after a 10 year run on Network 10.

Its final broadcast will air in late December.

A 10 spokesperson said, “Studio 10 has been a great contributor to Network 10’s daytime program lineup. We would like to sincerely thank all those who have participated in and supported the program over the past decade and to the millions of viewers who tuned in over that time.

“It has been a show that has provided copious amounts of feelgood fun, joy, passion, heart, entertainment, and unforgettable moments all against the backdrop of live television.

“Although we are sad to be farewelling the program, the decision to cease production of Studio 10 comes after a change in viewing habits in daytime television. In 2024 there will be a new morning lineup with an increased focus on news and current affairs later in the day.”

10 News First Afternoons will be introduced as a national news bulletin at 3:30pm, adding to 10 News Midday hosted by Narelda Jacobs and a recent announcement of a late night bulletin in 2024.

The morning line-up ito replace the show is understood to comprise Australian content and repeats.

A small number of staff will be impacted but others will be redeployed across 10 News department.

“The hosts of Studio 10 – Angela Bishop, Narelda Jacobs and Tristan MacManus, with special roving reporter Daniel Doody – will remain with the network in different roles and many of the staff will be redeployed.”

Angel Bishop said, “2500+ episodes is an incredible feat, including through a pandemic. It’s an incredible achievement in terms of Australian television. We’re all really proud of being part of it.”

Tristan MacManus added, “We’ve absolutely loved it. We’ve loved spending every single morning with you. It really has been great, at times tough, but always always rewarding. We’ve always been smiling, we’ve always enjoyed spending our mornings with you, and it doesn’t stop now.

“We’re making the announcement now but we’ve still plenty of episodes left before Christmas. So we’ll definitely be going out with a bang, and again trying to bring those smiles and that love to you every morning. We hope you feel it in your living rooms.”

Narelda Jacobs alos posted, “Starting the day with this crew is like a bowl of the most delicious granola. All the healthy bits with a sprinkling of sweetness & a light roasting here & there. Not only is it tasty & easy to digest.. it’s also good for you!

“While farewelling @studio10au & its intelligent & witty brand of morning TV will be hard.. it’s not goodbye from @angelabishop10 @tristanmacmanus @doodydaniel & I.

“I’m looking forward to throwing myself into 2024 on @10newsfirst Midday and again for another hit of news at 3.30pm.

“Now, more than ever, we are all seeking strong journalism. As we face incredibly difficult times here & abroad, news reporting must be of the highest integrity. In 2023, I’ve held myself to that standard & will continue to do so next year.”

Studio 10 launched in November 2013 with hosts Sarah Harris, Ita Buttrose, Joe Hildebrand, Jessica Rowe, the only morning show with a Live studio audience, largely until the pandemic impacted.

Amongst its family of contributing talent were regulars Denise Drysdale, who still appears regularly, the late Jonathan Coleman, Craig Bennett, David Robinson, Denise Scott, Kerri-Anne Kennerley, Natarsha Belling, Jess Eva, Scott Tweedie and Jesse Baird.

More recently its numbers have fallen to around 20,000 metro viewers, making its advertorials less lucrative.

Studio 10 recently celebrated its 10th anniversary.

The last episode will air on Friday, December 22.

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  1. Unfortunately, as FTA audiences get smaller and smaller, relatively cheap content like extra and longer news bulletins and “encores” will continue to infiltrate schedules – especially in the morning and during the day. Nine and Seven are literally non stop news from 5am – 12pm (5am news, Sunrise/Today, extra, etc, 11.30news). Definitely a chance here for 10 to do something different!

  2. I remember being in the Studio 10 audience and there being this air of fun and lightheartedness with the visitors and presenters. It was a really lovely experience and it brought people together. It’s an era in Australian daytime television that will be missed. Who knows, Maybe Aerobics Oz Style might fill its slot.

  3. I remember when Joe left he said he didn’t want to be part of this new way of presenting the program. Seems writing was on the wall when so many left once the changes to presentation were made known. Personally it was Angela who shined once the others had left. Tristan was still growing into his role. Daniel Doody while he was bright and light . I really never took to his presentations. They had lots of people taking time off so the team of presenters kept changing. Don’t think that help. However whenever Steve Jacobs stepped in . He was really good. He needed to be utilised more often. Likewise a highlight was when Denise and Craig were on. Mind you they may of wanted to step back. But do feel that was another big mistake when their roles were reduced. I think with Sarah knew the new format was not working and jumped ship when she got the opportunity. It will be interesting what she has to say.

  4. A show nobody watched gets so much attention. Funny that! I am with the posters who liked the original format. I never watched once Joe and the original crew left. Sad so many Australian jobs behind the scenes lost too.

  5. As a Mum and shift worker, there was a time when Studio 10 was great morning entertainment, especially those earlier years where Sarah Harris, Joe Hildebrand, Jessica Rowe and Ita Buttrose were hosts. Jono Coleman added his slapstick, even giving those tedious advertorials a bit if fun. The revolving roster of interesting guests and celebrities. There was Craigie Bennett with his lively showbiz presentations and interviews, Robbo with his reports. Natasha Belling was excellent reading the news. They were like a family for many. Then came the downhill slide and the final year was pitiful with hosts that just weren’t that interesting, esp after Sarah left. Talk about the textbook 101 of how to totally ruin a once great show.

  6. After their original executive producer was fired in late 2017 and Jess and Ita both left within six months of that, the show has never been the same. It used to feel like a mix of a light-hearted morning news program and a variety program, but now it’s nothing more than a shadow of its former self.

    I hope for the finale they do a massive send-off with as much of the original panel as possible and return the program to its roots one last time.

  7. Thats all we need is more news… there’s too much news on tv already boring…. ten should bring back re runs of its a knock out or dedicate a channel to old classic games hows…. well ten air Dr Phil new show that his deceloping

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