Bumped: My Life is Murder

Heads up as NZ based drama moves to a later slot.

New Free to Air episodes of My Life is Murder will screen in a later slot this Wednesday, now at 9:30pm and 10:30pm.

“The Village”
Alexa looks into a death at a retirement village, where her brother’s involvement with the victims threatens to throw her off course.

“Silent Lights”
When Christmas lights aficionado Paddy falls from his roof, Alexa finds herself unravelling a mystery as tangled as Paddy’s beloved lights.

A repeat of Law & Order: SVU will screen at 8:30pm.

The following week the schedule is as follows:

7:30pm The Bachelors (new)
8:40pm Law & Order: S.V.U rpt
9:40pm The Hunt For The Family Court Killer (new)
10:30pm My Life is Murder (new)

My Life is Murder S3 has previously screened on Acorn TV.

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  1. Let’s put The Bachelors on as it will give the show (and the night’s schedule) a really solid lead in……wait it’s non-ratings so who cares? TV Execs are already on their end of year holidays.

  2. So that means that “The Hunt For The Family Court Killer” has been cut from this weeks TV schedule entirely? It was scheduled for Thursday night (30th) at 8:30pm but all I see now is:

    8:30 – L&O:SVU (rpt),
    9:30 – L&O:SVU (rpt),
    10:30 – The Cheap Seats (rpt)

    Can someone at Ten please explain to me & all the potential viewers why the endless repeats of L&O:whatever is going to attract people to actually turn my TV onto Channel 10???? I would really like to know.

    1. My Life Is Murder isn’t rating, they want to give the final episode of The Cheap Seats a couple of repeat slots. L&0: SVU repeats consistently rate with over 50s, who else watches TV after 7pm Wed. I’m going to be watching Seal Team, Fargo and Evil.

    1. Cordell Jigsaw moved the production to Auckland and it has a NZ cast. Of course whether it was in Melbourne or Auckland it’s very similar, only few vowels different. It is a local production for points if it airs before midnight.

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