Soft summer start for The Bachelors

Three times the single men, but Overnight numbers were low for 10.

10’s new Bachelors series must have been expecting a quiet launch given it was slated for the summer season.

On Sunday night it drew just 224,000 metro viewers putting it lower than premieres for Blow-Up and Big Brother in Overnights, and 10’s 2022 show and The Challenge.

It is also lower than the previous season which launched in January to 309,000 -but ahead of 2022’s The Real Love Boat which was only 215,000.

A 10 spokesperson told news.com.au the network was confident the season would continue to attract viewers over the course of this season, particularly when factoring in delayed viewing and binge watching.

“That’s why we’re providing access to the shows on 10 Play before the broadcast on 10.

“The overnight is just a small part of The Bachelors’ viewing audience,” they added.

Sunday’s episode grew another 27,000 in BVOD which, together with Regional viewers, took it to 319,000. +7 Timeshifted numbers will be known next Monday.

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  1. Actually the one thing I like about it is that it’s on multiple nights a week, it was always hard waiting from Wednesday to Wednesday to watch it. It’s the only thing to me I want to watch on free to air at the 7.30 time slot. But I also don’t know why they brought back 3. Quite silly. I’d be looking to see a golden bachelor run or bring back bachelorette too. But it is I think better than the last 3 bachelors season so far.

  2. Beggars belief why Ten continue to flog this tired format and air during non-ratings summer when generally everyone is out enjoying festive season, warm weather and probably won’t stream on delay. It just speaks desperation and lack of confidence in putting in the ratings schedule.
    Viewer’s care factor was zero a long time ago. Give it a rest like the biggest loser.

  3. I predict those numbers are going to fall even lower once people realise how many nights of the week it’s on. My husband said to me last night when we sat down to watch “Now, this isn’t on every night of the week, is it?” I reassured him that I was sure it’d be just a couple of nights a week as in previous years. I’m shocked to see it’s on four times a week. I understand this is non-ratings period, but burning off episodes is a sure-fire way to turn off even the dedicated fanbase. They mostly seem like a nice bunch of people. I appreciate that they seem to have cast a bit older this time, so I believe most people are genuinely looking for love. This series has much better bones than last year. But the fatigue is real.

  4. A bizarre decision to air it so late in the year. Just how were they expecting it to rate during Christmas/New Year’s (unless the season will already have been burned off by then)? They might as well have held on to this until January too.

      1. Let’s be fair. It was always scheduled at 4 this week and 4 next. It obviously suits to conclude before xmas, 10 offered it as December content. In their defence not a lot of prime first run local content on opposition.

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