Married at First Sight leads Reality in new-look ratings revamp

Good news for Nine with MAFS and Tipping Point opening strong. Australian Idol lands ahead of Australian Survivor.

On Day 2 of the revamped ratings data Married at First Sight has come out on top.

The 2024 season launch reached 2.46m viewers. Where were the viewers biggest? How did it compare to 2023? All those questions are off the table for now, given limits to data supplied to media.

But it was a win over Australian Idol in second place at 1.78m viewers which should please Seven.

ABC’s Nemesis which ran from 8pm to around 9:30pm reached 1.43m viewers.

The return of Australian Survivor reached 1.13m viewers for Network 10.

There was also a new dawn for game shows with Tipping Point reaching 1.39m viewers for Nine, just ahead of The Chase at 1.29m.

10’s new Deal or No Deal reached 626,000 viewers.

Official survey doesn’t commence until Sunday February 11.

Total TV: Monday 29 January 2024

This post updates.

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  1. Not sure about this system. ABC News normally comes in at no 3 or 4 but down to 11th. ACA and Home and Away climbed the ladder. I smell a rat. Why would advertisers trust a system that is owned by the 3 commercial networks.

  2. Strong start to Q1 for Nine, tennis ‘halo effect’ (will it hold up or fade – another to come ‘after the Olympics’), with Tipping Point, ACA, Married and Crime Stories all well on top in their timeslots with Nine News also strong and Today Show still going well and growing. Especially key demos. BVOD too. Also saw reported elsewhere Nine were No. 1 in the new VOZ Total TV share% (broadcast + bvod nationally), albeit narrowly (which is rare and show’s particularly Married’s strength across a marathon 2 hours and offset by 9Now’s bvod strength given Seven’s dominance in Perth and regionally).

  3. So now you tune in a minute early to catch the news and you’re counted as a full viewer of Tipping Point/The Chase, whilst previously the average would reflect you only watched one minute out of 60.

    An absolute joke the ratings company are hiding information from viewers now.

  4. I have been obsessed with TV (and radio) ratings since I was a kid, so a good +30 years. This new method is ridiculous and insulting. I will still come here most days because I like this site, the stories, the comments/community and the tone of TV Tonight but my desire to see the ratings is all but dead. It’s meaningless now.

  5. Why do the 3 main commercial networks insist on scheduling their early 2024 reality shows against each other in the same timeslot? Ten in particular might have benefitted from Australian Survivor not going up directly against MAFS.
    The numbers for MAFS are to be expected – the promos for it during the tennis on Nine were endless. Idol so far has done well for Seven – is it the Marcia Hines factor? She’s got a natural warmth about her that translates well to the screen.
    Off the back of Idol, the Kylie Minogue special rated well for Seven too.
    I watched some of Nemesis on the ABC – I’m a political junkie, I love all that insider stuff. And I’m obviously not the only one.

  6. The fact that the wrap up records ‘reach’ figures, context free is shilling for TV networks. Reach is anyone who watched 1 minute of a show (15 seconds for VOD). 1 Minute is a ridiculous metric. It’s a fantastical figure, confected to create a distorted view of audience figures. It’s propaganda and renders sites like yours as little more than network mouthpieces. Sorry, no thanks.

        1. Exactly. Also, is the comments section restricted to unfettered praise of both networks and this site? That’s as distorted and Orwellian as this new ratings system. We’re all meant to play along as the networks ‘re-educate’ us about their falling audience numbers. See, we were just looking at the wrong numbers. These new numbers? They’re fantastic. Audiences have grown by hundreds of thousands overnight. All it took was to completely change the definition of an actual viewer. It’s the media’s job to call out this nonsense- not play along for access.

  7. At one stage in last night’s Tipping Point, Todd referred to something as the first time this has happened.
    Well, this was the first episode broadcast!
    Obviously Nine showed this episode first as it was one where a large prize was won.
    PS I am looking forward to a taping of TP as audience member next week at NEP studios, South Melbourne.

  8. Survivor is just so bloated and drawn out. Even when Jonathon was reading the votes out it was so slow, Jeff Probst never reads them that slow. I just don’t think I can with this season.

    I’m not a fan of the UK version of Tipping Point, but I do like that host he is just so warm and personable.

    Todd Woodbridge was just plain awful, he comes across as fake and trying far too hard. He is not a natural fit as a game show host.

  9. Like me I guess many checked Tipping Point during the lengthy commercial breaks in The Chase. So that counts me as a Reach viewer? I only watched two minutes before I dropped off to sleep.

  10. Survivor was so good last night, especially tribal. They have people who know how to play the game and play it well. Disappointed more people aren’t watching it so far. I always look forward to reading the ratings report each day. I have no idea what this new way all means but, like anything new, it will take time to get used to it I guess.

    1. Survivor’s audience is at saturation point now I think. It’s been on the box long enough now that everyone has made up their mind if they like it and want to watch it or not. I’ve got friends who hang out for every episode, US or Aus, and rave about the game play, yet I can’t stand the show and all the sitting around scheming and talk of alliances bores me to death, not to mention how loosely it’s edited.

      Unfortunately none of these 3 tent pole shows or game shows interest me, so it’s still streaming for the near future for my household.

  11. See this is where looking at Reach over Total TV viewers is so misleading. Chase beat tipping point nationally and by a good 160k but the reach figures said Tipping Point won and with no national shares being released for networks. It’s such a joke this is how reporting is going to be from here on in. Its like they want the ratings data to just disappear but at the same time will crow cos they reached a certain audience. I can see the promos now. Especially for TP. TP the new #1 game at 5 (due to reach) but in reality it isn’t. Idol did ok and surprised it beat Survivor but maybe people thought they’d give it chance.

    1. People will pick apart/construe the numbers to whatever suits them (a la Network #10 will claim a win in some Demo’s – they are not a great programmer) but, at the end of the day – The Chase has reigned supreme for years @5pm, they now losing not just the East Coast (Cities that matter for revenue) and the lead in for major News has now been taken away. It will be interesting if it is a slow migration or a dramatic shift.

    2. Seven was the biggest proponent of the reach figure so they can suffer the consequences.

      Surprised Australian Idol did so well.

      Deal or No Deal got off to an okay start by Ten’s standards, retaining a large chunk of the news lead in.

    3. I agree, it’s so misleading. I feel like the Commercial networks just picked up the goal posts and moved them because they didn’t like how it was looking! And hey, they own OzTAM so they can!
      I am fine with a National number, but why aren’t they ranking on Average Audience?!
      These new reports from OzTAM feel like they’re made for click-baity headlines, hoping people won’t delve deeper.
      Who cares if you reach a heap of people if they don’t stick around?!

      David, are you finding it hard to navigate the change? I went to compare MAFS YoY, looking at VPM and historical linear and came up empty-handed.. which perhaps is the point.

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