Better Homes & Gardens: Feb 23

This Friday it's Singapore's Gardens By The Bay plus recycling and an earthly art project.

This week on Better Homes & Gardens Adam + Melissa are in Singapore and Johanna Griggs is on the recycling case.

Adam + Melissa – Singapore: Food And Gardens By The Bay / Culture & Cacao Ceremony
After cruising through the Philippines, Malaysia and Vietnam, Adam and Melissa are making their way home with a stop in stunning Singapore on the way. Gardens, food, culture… there’s so much to see and do. The world-famous Gardens By The Bay features the gigantic man-made super trees that not only look spectacular themselves, but provide a spectacular view of the city from the skywalk. With 9 different zones of biodiverse flora from around the world all under one roof, the flower dome is equally amazing. Singapore is a blended community comprised of people from many Asian nations, and a great way to experience all these cultures is in the very yellow sidecar of a very yellow Vespa. The Malay district highlights a vast collection of murals and street art and is a great place to learn to mix a milk tea or Tarik. All that sightseeing is enough to make anyone hungry, so a visit to a Hawkers market for some street food shows why Singapore is also known as a food-lover’s paradise. If Singapore wasn’t on your holiday bucket list, it soon will be!

Johanna – Upcycling Cartons Into Better Boards
Australia generates an estimated 67 million tonnes of junk each year, with only about 37% of this being recycled. But one company is hoping to make a dent in this alarming statistic by making sure its packaging can be upcycled into a new product that can be used again and again. Tonight, Joh explores how the humble Tetra Pak can be upcycled into something you might not expect… building and construction materials. At a factory in Sydney, she witnesses the process of converting the paks into wall boards that are far tougher than regular plaster board. So next time you’re about to throw out a pak, get it into the relevant recycling scheme and you might just see it again during your next reno.

Colin – Whole Roast Snapper
If you’re not confident about cooking fish on the barbecue, don’t worry, because Colin’s going to teach you a super simple method to barbecue a whole snapper that will build your confidence and then tickle your tastebuds. But a delicious fish needs a delicious accompaniment, and Colin’s tomato, capsicum and leafy green salad is just as easy to make. Served on the one tray, this recipe looks like it could belong in a cookbook, impressing your family as a mid-week meal or exciting your friends at your next get together.

Colin – Watermelon, Fennel, Mint & Pea Salad
Easter’s around the corner, but the weather’s still warm, so Colin’s watermelon, fennel, mint and pea salad is just the ticket for a barbecue with family or friends. Between all the ingredients, you’ve got a mix of sweet, sour and salty flavours, but the showstopper is using the watermelon as the serving bowl. Perfect for entertaining!

Charlie – Weekend Tart Up
We all want our homes to look good, but time, money and a lack of confidence often get in the way of giving the front of our house a little freshen up. If all that sounds like you, never fear because Charlie is going to makeover over the front of a 60’s cottage, giving you plenty of tips and inspiration along the way. From changing the shape of the garden beds, to painting the balustrade and adding some hanging pots, this charming makeover won’t cost much money and won’t take a lot of DIY skill, and will be finished in a weekend.

Juliet – Earthly Artwork
Using natural beauty in your interior design is a great way to bring a calmness, positivity, and timeless beauty to your home. One way to do this is with Juliet’s latest art project. With some paint, a canvas, a roll of twine and a glue gun you can create a bespoke piece of art, perfectly suited to the eco elegant look.

Dr Harry – Duck Dramas
For a hobby farm that wants to breed ducks, having ducks that aren’t laying enough eggs is a real problem. Tonight, Dr Harry meets Anita, a hobby farmer who has chosen the Cayuga duck for their distinctive jet-black plumage and shiny green heads. But despite having a well-constructed and protective hen house and pen, only one egg has successfully hatched into a duckling so far. Can Dr Harry teach these fowl the facts of life.

7pm Friday on Seven.

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