Buddy becomes a Muster Dogs champion

NT-trained border collie becomes ABC's best in show after a three stage grand final challenge.

Northern Territory weaner tailer Zoe Miller and her Australian Border Collie Buddy last night were chosen as the series winner of Muster Dogs S2.

They took out the prize from four other dog owners after a year of training and three challenges at Clermont property in Hillview, Queensland.

Also competing were Season Two’s Cilla & Ash, Lily & Snow, Russ & Molly and Steve & Indi.

The three challenges involved herding goats through barrels, herding sheep onto a trailer and mustering cattle through a paddock. Judging them were trainers Neil and Helen McDonald, former champion Frank Finger and dog educator Mick Hudson.

In the end the judges were impressed with Buddy’s level of skill after just a year of training.

The episode saw deaf dog Lucky reunite with sibling dogs a year after all hd been separated.

If Season One’s winners, Frank and his winning dog Annie, are anything to go by, then Zoe and Buddy have many public appearances ahead of them.

Frank and Annie have travelled some 30,000km following the show’s success meeting fans of the show, while S2 has also been another big drawcard for ABC.

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