Reality shows boost Big Miracles, Grammy Awards in Reach.

Shows immediately following Reality TV juggernauts sure are benefiting under the new Reach ratings methodology.

Shows such as Big Miracles and the Grammy Awards are the latest to have benefited significantly from the new Reach ratings numbers, attracting big audiences from their reality lead-ins Married at First Sight and Australian Idol, respectively.

Big Miracles reached 1.65m viewers on Nine last night at just 1 minute of viewing, however around a third of that audience, 535,000 was the average  for the duration of the programme.

A repeat of the Grammy Awards reached 1.27m, but only 274,000 was the average audience.

Married at First Sight was again at #1 reaching 2.52m viewers.

That was ahead of Australian Idol‘s 1.56m, Nemesis 1.5m, 7:30‘s 1.23m and Australian Survivor’s 1.06m.

In the game show war, The Chase wins at 1.34m reach over Tipping Point’s 1.22m (Deal or No Deal is outside the Top 30).

2024 Survey begins on Sunday.

National Total TV: Monday 5 February 2024

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    1. Yes you can see them at OzTAM site. I don’t feel they are as helpful as previous displays which showed the original number and the new total. Now it’s just another total. I might look to include them at some point but there are sort of bigger matters to address at the moment.

  1. Does the reach account for overruns – is it 1m people switching off a minute into a programme or MAFS running into the slot?

    It is obvious now that the average is the figure to report on and most closely resembles the previous figure and gives the most accurate picture – the reach can be useful information but only in the context of the averages, and IMO is a better figure for the breakfast shows where people aren’t watching the full show, and perhaps has some relevance for extended broadcasts like cricket or the Olympics. However I don’t think it’s particularly in a channels interests to show that so many sample a programme but don’t stick with it – even MAFS is not keeping nearly half it’s potential audience interested.

    I guess the broadcasters will get more information but it would be interesting to see how much changing the Reach criteria to just 2 minutes would impact on the figure.

  2. Nemisis is the biggest new show of 2024 in terms of average audience. But it’s ranked below Big Miracles and Australian Idol because more channel surfers came across those two shows and switched off deciding they didn’t like what was on offer. Makes total sense…

  3. If a show starts off with 1.65m viewers but averages 535k where did the 1.1m go and were they still watching when the 1st ad break came along? The advertisers aren’t fooled and neither are we. Ditch the Reach.

  4. When the survey starts, are these reports going to mention the average of the shows or is it still going to be only mentioning the reach?

    Because in my opinion the average is more important and shows the bigger picture than just reach

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