The 1% Club returns to Seven, Tipping Point beats The Chase.

MAFS remains #1, Mr Bates vs the Post Office concludes a drama run, and Deal or No Deal outranks The Project.

Married at First Sight remains #1 in National TV Audience, last night attracting 1.53m viewers.

That eclipsed the return of The 1% Club (848,000) for Seven then Hard Quiz (677,000), 7:30 (655,000) and Ambulance Australia (270,000).

Later Mr Bates vs the Post Office averaged 619,000 / 569,000 then The Weekly with Charlie Pickering (606,000), Under Investigation (558,000), This is Going to Hurt (259,000 ) and FBI International (147,000 / 114,000).

Nine News averaged 1.02m then A Current Affair (1.01m) and Tipping Point (580,000).

Seven News led with 1.22m then Home & Away (760,000) and The Chase (569,000).

ABC News was 807,000 with Planet America at 233,000 for ABC.

10 News First drew 310,000 then Deal or No Deal (282,000) and The Project (278,000) for 10.

SBS World News pulled 176,000 / 123,000 followed by Scottish Islands with Ben Fogle (146,000), The Matchmakers (126,000), Mastermind (58,000) and Kin (33,000).

Sunrise: 374,000
Today: 334,000
News Breakfast: 249,000

National Total TV: Wednesday 21 February 2024

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  1. I am happy Tipping Point is doing well. I think the bonus temptation at the end is what makes it good. My only wish is that when the contestants knock back the temptation, I wish they would still do the tipping point to see if they would have won or not had they taken it, like they do on the UK version. Sunrise seems to be widening the gap between them and Today show on a regular basis now.

  2. David, I’m glad you are not giving analysis each day on the Reach figures.
    Could you please explain what the figures are you are reporting on?
    They are a lot higher than last year – even Nine news is back above one million!

  3. Still don’t see the viewer engagement with Tipping Point and Deal. With The Chase there’s engagement in answering the questions. Jefferies pushing his usual smut with the ‘c’-word last night.

    1. I think both TPAU and DOND are quite engaging, both audiences are a bit up there but TP atleast has less infusion. The Chase is stale and repeated so often I feel it’s lost a bit of shine. Give them another go I reckon. I agree with you re: Jeffries, quite a try hard.

    2. I watch Tipping over Chase. Most of the time the Chased leave with nothing. At least with Tipping most people leave with something (unless they take the temptation and fail).

  4. Are the 1% Club producers foraging social media for contestants?

    A Tiktok content provider, a 20 something who wants Botox, an Onlyfans employee, a Taylor Swift fan who bought tickets for a Dublin concert, but hasn’t bought airfares..

    Just the average 1 in 25 person you see in the street.

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