Better Homes & Gardens: Mar 15

Joh and Charlie continue down the Cassowary Coast plus Graham heads to Sunnymeade Gardens in Victoria’s Strathbogie Ranges.

This week on Better Homes & Gardens Joh and Charlie continue down the Cassowary Coast plus Graham heads to Sunnymeade Gardens in Victoria’s Strathbogie Ranges.

Johanna + Charlie – Cairns To Cassowary Coast: Week Two
There’s so much to see and do in North Queensland, it’s impossible for Joh and Charlie to do it all. But in this, the second week of their tropical adventure, they’re continuing down the Cassowary Coast to check out some more incredible sights like Paronella Park, a 100-year-old heritage-listed house that was inspired by a Spanish castle. From there it’s on to find their Zen while kayaking down one of the most scenic rivers you’ve ever seen and finally to a dairy with a difference to experience some of the most delicious local foods the region has to offer. If this area wasn’t on your list of places in see in Australia before, it soon will be.

Colin – Bbq Lamb And Simple Potato Salad
Easter is a great time to invite your friends and family over and celebrate and if there’s a better way to do that than with a smoky barbecue lamb, Colin doesn’t know it. But since you’ve got a few weeks to prepare, why not perfect Colin’s super simple but super delicious barbecue lamb recipe with potato salad and mint sauce? A feast truly worthy of the season.

Dr Harry – Little Bear Afraid Of Water Bowl
On a hot summer’s day, there’s no better feeling than sipping on a glass of cold, refreshing water, especially after a long walk or run in the park! Usually, it’s hard to stop our furry friends from splashing their water all over the floor, but that’s not a problem for Little Bear, a dog who seems to be afraid of his water bowl unless one of his family also touch it! Can Dr Harry help Little Bear overcome his fear of the water and drink freely?

Adam – Render Patch
When you need to fill a large patch in your wall, it might seem daunting but with Adam’s DIY tips, you’ll be filling it in liked a pro, in no time. He’ll take you through the whole process from preparing the surface, filling in the patch and then making sure it’s nice and smooth and ready for painting. It might sound like a straightforward process, but Adam has some great tips to turn a potentially dodgy job into something that looks professional.

Adam – Terrific Tape Tips
There is so much more a roll of painter’s tape can do besides protecting your walls when painting. So, Adam the tradie is turning Adam the teacher to show you some terrific tape tips. You’ll never think of a roll of tape as “just” a roll of tape again.

Graham – Sunnymeade Garden Walkaround
Hidden away in Victoria’s Strathbogie Ranges, an area once roamed by infamous bushranger Ned Kelly, you’ll find a garden that’s one of the country’s best kept secrets, Sunnymeade. It features a series of inter-connecting rooms, with creations and sculptures inspired by far-flung locales, each with its own individual character and planting style. For over 30 years, the owner has poured his heart, soul and creative energy into this garden that is brimming with ideas designed to enchant and tantalise. Join Graham on a journey of discovery and inspiration.

Melissa – The One-Knot Hanging Pot
Running out of space for your indoor pot plants? Then it’s time to look up and hang them. Melissa’s got a simple hack to get the job done, all with just one length of rope.

Juliet – Family Friendly & Fun’tional Room
Juliet’s putting the fun into functional with this family friendly lounge room that will use clever ideas and modular furniture to give it a sense of purpose no matter how it’s arranged. A fresh new colour palette is a simple and inexpensive solution to bring a sense of fun to the room, create the illusion of separate zones and sets the brief for the rest of the décor. But it’s the furniture that really adds the flexibility. Juliet will show you how placing these items in different configurations will re-invigorate your space when you feel like a change.

Adam – DIY Architrave
Windows are like the artwork to any room, bringing the outside views in. And like any good artwork, they deserve to be framed. So, Adam will show you how to put together perfect fitting architraves for your windows.

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