Better Homes & Gardens: Mar 22

This week Seven heads to the Melbourne International Flower & Garden Show.

This week on Better Homes & Gardens Johanna, Graham,  Charlie & Melissa visit the Melbourne International Flower & Garden Show while Dr. Harry visits a family with a chicken problem.

Johanna + Graham + Charlie + Melissa – Melbourne International Flower & Garden Show
The Melbourne International Flower & Garden Show is back for 2024 and what a ray of sunshine it will be! Having swept the big awards at last year’s show, Charlie is back but this time without the stress of competition. Along with Graham and Melissa, our three gardening gurus will explore all the stunning floral fashions, boutique, and achievable gardens and the latest in landscape design from local and international designers. Whether you’re passionate about gardening or simply love admiring the beauty of floral colour and design, sit back, relax and enjoy a personal guided tour with your favourite gardeners.

Johanna – Good Friday Appeal House
Each year, the Good Friday Appeal house auction raises vital funds for the Royal Children’s Hospital in Melbourne. While building a house is normally just a job, building a home that will help families look after a sick child is a labour of love. Construction Supervisor Rod gives Johanna a tour of this year’s amazing property that’s up for grabs and details the quality of the home built by generous tradies who have given up their valuable time. But it’s a chat with Mat and his son Jak that really brings into sharp focus the reason for auctioning off the house; raising funds to help the Royal Children’s Hospital do the lifesaving work they do.

Colin – Baked Salmon With Apple & Fennel Salad
Easter is a time for indulgence, but if you’re one of the few people sticking to your new year’s resolution of being healthy, then you’re going to try Colin’s baked salmon with delicious Australian grown Royal gala apples. This is held together with a fresh fennel and citrus salad. It’s super easy and the best part, it’s just as good cold the next day.

Colin – Hot Cross Bun & Butter Pudding
Easter is a time for indulgence, so if like most people you’ve broken your new year’s resolution to get healthy, this recipe will well and truly satisfy those cravings. Colin’s taking an ordinary hot cross bun and elevating it to the pudding level! And he’s also got a great tip to avoid wasting some ingredients. This is Easter in a dish.

Dr Harry – Lizzie The Skinny Chook
Harry’s visiting a family with a chicken problem. One of their chickens, Lizzie, is losing feathers, has stopped laying eggs and just looks sad. The family think she might be depressed. Can Dr Harry figure out if poor Lizzie has any medical problems or does she just need a good therapist?

Juliet – Easter Crafts For The Whole Family
With some time off work and school, Easter is a fantastic opportunity to do some crafts with your kids. Instead of just eating easter eggs, Juliet will show you how to make Easter bunny themed dry clay egg holders and some very cute potted eggs, complete with a little surprise at the bottom. This easter, your best laid plans will leave your kids happy, excited and proud of what they made.

7pm Friday on Seven / 7TWO

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