Hamish Blake relaxed about no Lego Masters producer credit

Six seasons on, Hamish Blake still isn't anxious about getting a producer credit on Nine reality series.

Hamish Blake is now hosting his sixth season of Lego Masters for Nine, but it yet to push for a producer credit.

“It’s funny, I know in America, the system is very much like ‘Become a producer, immediately!’ if you’re part of the show. I don’t know it’s always felt a bit more casual in Australia,” he told TV Tonight.

“I suppose there’s parts of the show, like when we sit down and try to figure out episodes or whatever that is producing, technically. But not to the point where I’ve ever chased a credit for it.

“I just do it because I really love the show and enjoy the fun of making it.”

After the first hit season of the show in 2019, Nine boldly announced it had signed Blake for not one but two more seasons. That took the show all the way to 2021.

“I remember there were there was talk about you know, ‘If you’re gonna do a show, you have to commit for three years,'” said Blake.

“And I was like, ‘Guys there’s no way like I’d every commit to anything for three years.’ But I guess it’s just a testament to the show. I’ve always just been of the opinion that if it’s good it’ll do more, and if it’s time to move on, that’s okay too.

“This is now six years doing Lego Masters, which I can’t even believe saying it out loud.

“‘Brickman’ and I were doing the maths, we’ve spent over a year of our life on in that set. It goes for 12 weeks when we shoot so it’s well over a year on that set.”

Lego Masters screens Sunday – Tuesday on Nine.

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  1. Then there’s also the ‘executive producer’, which is anything from big budget management of production budgets, or to arranging the catering or coffee on set.

    Executive Producer is the credit to get.

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