Returning: Royal Autopsy

Professor Alice Roberts investigates the cause of death of four famous British monarchs.

Royal Autopsy returns to SBS to investigate the cause of death of four famous British monarchs: King George IV, King Henry IV, Queen Anne I and Queen Mary I.

Professor Alice Roberts will bring together a blend of historical and medical expertise, and by using contemporaneous accounts and documents piece together how and why these monarchs died.

Episode One: King George IV: The Party King
Professor Alice Roberts explores the final dying days and ultimate cause of death of Britain’s party king, George IV. Working with leading Forensic Pathologist Dr Brett Lockyer, they conduct an ‘as real’ post-mortem exam on the dead king, cutting into his corpse to search for clues. The autopsy reveals a man who lived life to such excess, that he had so much wrong with him it’s a challenge to see which of his many ailments actually killed him.

Sunday, 2 June at 9.10pm on SBS.

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