Colin from Accounts, it’s all about the tone.

TV Tonight speaks to Patrick Brammall & Harriet Dyer on their comedy tone, being showrunners and more.

Colin from Accounts rests heavily on the comic tone created by stars and writers Patrick Brammall and Harriet Dyer.

Speaking with TV Tonight, the day after their world premiere screening, the duo conceded the isn’t super complicated.

“There is story, of course, that moves it along. But in fact, that inciting incident in Season One, that first moment, is so sort of jam-packed with potential story, that everything organically pretty much flowed from that,” said Brammall.

“But it’s not a high concept. So it’s really about the way these characters interact and the way they sort of get in their own way and that sort of stuff. I think it’s really important, and the comedy as well.”

Dyer added, “Trent O’Donnell said that to us, the director. Before Season One started, he kind of said, ‘I just think this show’s going to live or die by the tone.'”

Colin From Accounts screens Thursdays on Binge / Showcase.

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  1. I will sign up to Binge again once I can get all eps of this and The Twelve. The once a week tease won’t lure me in. I don’t love them that much and the price is too high.

  2. In my eyes, Episode 3 of S2 should go down as one of the most insanely well written bits of comedy this decade. Not just Australian… I’m talking globally. Every sentence was written so crisply and delivered so beautifully that it was hard to fault anything about it. Phenomenal show.

  3. I just started watching it and 4 episodes in I am enjoying it. As always comedy is highly personal, but the summation given by Brammall that it is not high concept is pretty spot on.

    It is just a nice show that most people could relate to. I have the feeling that it is comedy show that will live and die by the “vibe” of the viewing audience at that time. If they are looking for a light weight comedy about ordinary things at that particular moment, then it will resonate. So far I think they have showed remarkable restrain in not featuring “Colin from Accounts” more in the story line. Thus far he is used more as a prop, than the cute dog that would feature in most shows.

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