Secret Science: June 11

Touch, smell, hearing -Sammy J explores the human senses.

This week on Secret Science, presenter Sammy J unravels the human senses.

Episode 4: How We Sense
Climbing legend Ashlee Hendy teaches Sammy just how important his sense of touch really is. Blindfolded 22 metres above the ground, he learns to rely on the 20,000 receptors in his fingertips to keep him on the wall.

Sammy visits Master perfumers Yen Huyihn and Janelle Donnelly to discover if we all perceive smell the same by recreating smells from his childhood and putting his own nose to the test.
Damian McMorrow who has been blind since childhood, teaches Sammy how to navigate the world through echolocation.

But what if we can’t hear? Guus Hoevenaars, mixing engineer and music producer introduces Sammy to a new piece of tech, haptic vests. Which give the deaf and hard of hearing community the ability to experience music through vibrations on the skin.

9pm Tuesday on ABC.

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