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  1. Just in case it was missed, the BBC says that Anthony Valentine, TV’s gentleman thief Raffles, and also prominent in Colditz and Callan, passed away early Wednesday morning (2/12).

  2. Yaaay! New lounge … er, hammock. I’ve been waiting for the picture to change. That navy lounge was making me feel hot on the 30+ days we’ve had lately.

  3. The Muppets – In a move they will likely piss off ch7 (and more importantly fans waiting for the show) on the Nine News they just showed a clip of Dave Grohl and Animal having an epic drum battle. It aired this week in the US.

      • Didn’t see the other news last night, I don’t usually watch ch9. One thing I did notice is they never made mention of the show ‘The Muppet’s’ they just said it was a drum battle. Still annoying to fans when ch7 promised to fast track the new show but is now holding off until 2016, probably after the Tennis.

        • Secret Squïrrel

          Agree it could be annoying but it’s more a result of Seven reneging on their promise to fast-track the program rather than this scene being a news-worthy item. I reckon most Aussies aren’t aware that it’s due (at this stage) to be shown on Seven (at some point in time).

  4. Science of Stupid – been watching the series on NatGeo but noticed something weird, ep31 from S2 is missing, checked it a number of times on the Foxtel guides, each time they come up to that part of the series it goes ep 30 then 32 and missing 31. #firstworldproblem

  5. Did you see the notice on the homepage of Melbourne Star website? It says the ferris wheel will be closed all day tomorrow (December 3) due to filming “by a globally renowned adventure reality series who will be attempting an exciting and exclusive stunt”. This suggests The Amazing Race’s US version could be in Melbourne for the very first time. According to Reality Fan Forum, filming for the 28th season (which premieres in the US in February next year) is well underway, and teams are now in Indonesia after travelling across the world in the easterly direction, which means Melbourne could be the second or third pitstop of this season.

  6. I have enjoyed watching the first 3 episodes Step Dave on Gem. I’m surprised that 9 have actually managed to air 3 episodes and still have 2 episodes scheduled this Sunday and Monday. After they took it off air in January for no good reason I keep wondering if they will take it off again and whether I’ve been watching it for nothing.

  7. 3AW reporter Sam McClure said this evening on Sports Today that WIN has threatened to stop showing Channel Nine programs across regional Victoria this month over affiliate fees. If it happens then coverage of Boxing Day cricket test, ODIs and even next year’s NRL across the state will be affected. Maybe you could look into the issue further.

  8. Interesting to see that Neighbours is beginning one-hour episodes on Eleven from Monday at 1.00pm and taking off the 7.00am repeats off Channel Ten.

    I’m not sure at what point these 1.00pm episodes are from, as going for an hour it mustn’t be from the night before. Would love it if it was classic episodes doing a re-run but I don’t think we’d be that lucky.

    • Fox have been doing this for decades, paying in shares of profits then cooking the books. It;s also part of their global tax avoidance mechanisms. Duchovny successfully sued them for The X-Files. He came back afterwards when the money was right.

      Bones is nearing it end anyway.

  9. Sky News Live launched in HD today without warning or fanfare. Very unusual – typically Foxtel push the fact they have another HD channel pretty hard.

    • I noticed a while ago the graphics had changed and thought they were much clearer. Good to know its now in HD. So much for 9HD, doesn’t work on my TV as it’s built in digital tuner is not mpg4 compatible 🙁

  10. Just back from the US where we caught the season half-final of The Blacklist.
    The series resumes in the States on January 7.
    Knowing 7’s about 6 or 7 weeks behind, we wonder if they’ll continue to screen the series with just a few days delay, or shelve it for months the way they foolishly did last year.
    ‘Twas a good cliff hanger finale too.

    • 7 are so far behind on The Blacklist that they are playing the mid season final (s03e08) tonight…… Hardly 6 or 7 weeks behind given it aired in the US on Nov 19.

      • Yes, they must have caught up by a few weeks if US took the usual sometime break from screening new eps each week.
        My question was, though, will 7 screen the returning half-season a few days after Jan 7 when the series resumes on NBC… or leave it on the shelf as they did earlier this year. Enjoy tonight’s ep – it’s a goodie.

  11. Mr game show fan

    Anyone notice The Chase Australia promo for 2016? I would give you a link but I am obeying the comments policy.
    Looks like they will get Mark “The Beast” Labbett from the UK to be a 5th chaser.
    Because Mark also does the US version, that must mean he is increasing his frequent flier miles really fast.

      • Mr game show fan

        In the Uk version of the show there are now 5 chasers.
        “The Beast”
        “The Sinnerman”
        “Dark Destroyer”
        “The Governess”
        And new one “The Vixen” Jenny Ryan.
        Don’t believe me? Look up online for episodes featuring “The Vixen”.

        I believe The Chase Australia is catching up with the amount of chasers the UK has. Possibly Seven wanted an already established favourite from The Chase UK then have a nationwide search for a 2nd female chaser.

  12. So now the ratings year has ended, one wonders will be see shows promised for 2015 air in 2016 or if they’ll be dropped for good. Gold Coast Medical, The Muppets, American Odyssey & Battle Creek just some of the titles Seven showcased for 2015.

  13. The Mentalist returns to Nine next Sunday at 9pm with the last ever season. It starts where it left off when Nine pulled it earlier this year with ep 5 shown almost a year ago in US.

    • yay! finally.

      Waiting for non-ratings but it looks like Nine have left it so long their exclusive rights have expired. TV Hits is stripping S7 from 6:30pm tonight, and have #7.5 The Silver Brief Case listed for Friday. I’ll spool those and watch them at Christmas.

    • Thanks Pete! I keep checking to see what episode 9 are playing, been waiting what seems like forever for them to catch up to where they stopped showing it.

  14. Secret Squïrrel

    If you’re that one person who hasn’t seen Lethal Weapon yet, tonight’s your chance. Better grab it while you can ‘cos you never know when Nine will trot it out again. It could be weeks.

  15. What the heck have ‘they’ done to Iview?!?!?………
    Use to be you could pause/stop and come back ..even a week later…and it would start from where you left off….
    Now …pause to go to the bathroom…get coffee etc…and it starts all over…from the beginning…
    What is that!!!…I was watching New Tricks….3 times it happened…

      • I have tried watching a missed episode of Please Like Me on Iveiw, no matter what episode I tried watching, it kept showing episode one. So I gave up in the end and will have to wait until they show repeats now as I have missed the last two.

  16. I just noticed the new zealand series, step dave, which Gem aired for one episode in January this year, is back, sunday night, 10:35pm, on 9Gem, they are airing episode 2 of season 1. I wonder if they will at least play out all of season 1 this time, last time it was 1 episode before being yanked from schedule.

    • They replayed episode 1 late last Monday Night. The episode is available on jumpin if your wanted to rewatch it. If your read further down in the tv lounge there has been other comments about its return.

      • Many thanks @tvf, probably should of read the earlier comments re the return of step dave, further down the colum, and might refresh myself the first episode on jumpin. Lets hope nine show all of season 1 this time around, and season 2 if possible.

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