New Neighbours credits

The new opening titles to Neighbours have been revealed in a sneak peek video on the official site http://www.neighbours.com/videos/

Together with an updated theme, the overall effect is an optimistic, contemporary bayside tapestry together with a ‘photo booth’ montage. Characters can be seen jumping off piers, rowing boats, sitting by the old Brighton bathing boxes and dining outdoors.

The featured sequence also contains snippets of scenes that will follow next week including a wedding and a car crash.

TV Tonight also hosts a First Review of the “new Neighbours” and a picture gallery here.

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  1. I agree with you pink5, those credits and theme tune is horrible!

    and by the way, I have voted for Neighbours, Jackie Woodburne and Alan Fletcher for the Nationtal Awards 2007.

    Thanks for the link!

  2. Its great some of the big names joining the cast, but the casting for some is a little odd. Is Jane Hall really old enough to be Olivers Mum, let alone have had an affair with Paul. She was a child actress in The Henderson Kids, in 1985, the same year Neighbours started. Also, Italian Steve Bastoni as white bred Ned & Stu’s older brother?

  3. Thanks David, loved that clip of whats ahead in Neighbours. I’m excited about the return of Joan Sydney as Valda. loved her. I’m also glad Brett tucker is returning in the same role he had before. i remember thinking he was good at the time (pre McLeods)and wondering why they didn’t extend his contract.

  4. @ David

    IMO Blue Heelers is better yes, the characters are ones that will be remembered far longer and had a stronger connection to Australian audiences. Not to mention it was far more popular than the rest.

    I prefer character storylines like in BH than cold murders etc… and LMW may be a critical success but bores me to tears.

  5. Most of them being under production. It’ll be good to see when they come out, I mean Sea Patrol is pretty slick, but I wouldn’t call it groundbreaking television.

    Kath and Kim – Are you serious??

  6. Love the new credits, they remind me a little of Headland’s style (which was the best I’d ever seen). My only criticism is that they are getting rid of the Neighbours logo we’ve known for 20+ years. Otherwise, everything looks promising, I hope it helps them boost ratings.

  7. URGH! – the theme tune, I hate them!

    The Neighbours producers said that the change won’t be happening over night, but within the next few months it would be the way they want it to be – GOD! give it a chance at least!

    If anyone hates the theme tune (I know that I do) then make your voices heard on the Neighboursfans.com. forum:
    as the neighbours prodcuers have started to listen to whatt the viewers think of the show… including those awful credits:

    log on and go to the Spoiler section, that where the thread is:


    I have said that the theme tune is too girly, corny and makes the shows look like a kid’s show,I think it would have sounded better form a male singer (Barry Crocker)> It would have made the show more unisex and appeal to everyone (not just teenage girls), just like it did in the 80’s.

    hate those credits and theme tune, I will be flicking over to another network for a minute or so, until the theme tune is over.

  8. Hang on a minute… there is more new stuff in production now than there has been for years.

    SBS has The Circuit, Kick, Marx and Venus, Major Crime.

    Foxtel has Satisfaction.

    Ten has The Falls and developing Norfolk Island Murder story.

    Nine has Sea Patrol, Underbelly, Canal Road.

    Seven has City Homicide, Kath and Kim.

    ABC has Summer Heights High, The Librarians, Valentine’s Day, Rainshadow, East of Everything.

    The revamp of a long running soap is a separate matter to the development of new drama.

  9. In other words, nothing’s really changed. Same people, same predictable stories, just what the masses want.

    The ratings will go up, and the producers will make a mint by spending a little bit more. Shame Oz TV stations havent got the guts to make something new and original.

  10. Heelers betters Blue Murder? Love My Way?

    There’s a lot of other drama people overlook besides the Heelers / McLeods / All Saints / Neighbours / H + Away / Stingers / Always Greener lists…..

    The Surgeon was stunning too.

  11. I wish not Australian drama series bad luck. Especially Melbourne-made drama. Even though I don’t like the show, I hope it does well. Australia needs drama and so does Melbourne. I still resent Seven for dumping Heelers (easily the best drama of the last 20 years).

  12. I adore Neighbours – so pleased the ratings are picking up & with the relaunch next week I hope they blow those trash, opps, sorry, current affairs shows out of the water 😉
    I like the new opening titles too, very fresh looking!

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