Dexter renewed for two more seasons

Showtime has picked up a fourth and fifth season of Dexter, at 12 episodes each.

Production on season four is set to begin in L.A. in the US spring.

The third series premiere drew 1.2m viewers in the US last month, no doubt boosted by its (edited) screening on CBS during the writers strike. It also nabbed some Emmy nominations, including for Michael C. Hall as Most Outstanding Actor.

In Australia the third series will air on Showcase in January. TEN is likely to screen a second season in 2009, but no confirmation just yet…

Source: Variety


  1. Currently enjoying Season 2 on DVD … it is one of those twisted shows that you just can’t help but watch! Brilliant idea …
    I am also loving True Blood … Ryan Kwantan is unbelievably HOT these days! And the show is good too! 🙂

  2. bloody awesome, just finished the second series and have been on the edge of my seat, never has a show got me soo hooked and haunted thaT I i think of it all the time, brilliant work. Still cant decide if michael c. hall was better in Six Feet Under or in Dexter.

  3. Woohoo!! My love of Showtime just continues to grow…

    It really is time that Michael C. Hall won a few awards for his portrayal. And what about Jennifer Carpenter? She imbues Deb with a vulnerability and sensitivity that belies her external bravado. Plus she is HILARIOUS.

    I’m already intrigued as to where they’ll be taking us in seasons 4 and 5….

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