“Better than a Logie”

Actress Claudia Karvan is the final Celebrity in a Bog Standard Car on Top Gear Australia.

Actress Claudia Karvan is the final Celebrity in a Bog Standard Car for Top Gear Australia. She joked that doing her hotlap on the test track was better than winning a Logie.

And risking people saying “I told you so”, there is again another Holden v Ford battle. Before the series launched producers promised there would be a lot more to the Aussie version than relying these two cars.

Series 11 of the British original returns to SBS Monday week.

Press Release:

It’s the final episode of the series and Top Gear Australia takes the ultimate drive through Tasmania with the hosts taking their dream cars along for the ride. It’s Holden versus Ford – this time we take a look at the entry-level Commodore and Falcon, Charlie test drives the new Jaguar and we put an Australian actress in the Bog Standard Car.

Charlie Cox, Warren Brown and Steve Pizzati are each given free reign to pick the car of their choice for a weekend road trip through the Apple Isle. Meeting at the Spirit of Tasmania departure point in Port Melbourne the lads eagerly arrive – Charlie in a Porsche 911 Turbo, for Warren, a Bond fan, it’s the Aston Martin DB9 and Steve picks the Lamborghini Superleggera. Once across the Strait, they take off for the ultimate boys and their toys weekend away. With closed roads and assistance from the team that operates one of the world’s best tarmac rallies – Targa Tasmania – Top Gear Australia negotiates the luxury sports cars along the long and winding deserted roads in the pristine wilderness of Tasmania’s spectacular West Coast.

It’s Holden versus Ford take two and this time we answer the all important question. After taking a look at the performance vehicles earlier in the series, Top Gear Australia goes back to basics with these iconic brands and compares the entry-level Commodore Omega and Falcon XT on the test track to see how they stack up. Will the Ford be favoured or will the lion roar? Watch Top Gear Australia to find out which car we picked.

Award winning actress, Claudia Karvan (Love My Way) is the final Celebrity in the Bog Standard Car for series one. The popular actress admitted to Charlie that she wanted to beat her The Secret Life of Us on-screen husband, Vince Colosimo on the lap board and joked that doing her hotlap on the Top Gear Australia test track was better than winning a Logie.

Charlie test drives the new stylish Jaguar XF SV8. Excited about the ‘surprise and delight’ features in the new luxurious sports Jaguar, Charlie compares the features to the old unreliable models. “In the old days with Jags, you were surprised and delighted if it started”.

Top Gear Mondays at 7:30pm on SBS.

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