Big screen Herman Munster

The Wayans Brothers’ are finalising a script for a big screen version of The Munsters.

The Scary Movie boys, who announced their intentions as far back as 2004, say they plan to keep Herman Munster and his green-skinned clan the same, but place them in a modern era.

“I’m almost ready. It’s almost ready to be shot,” Wayans insisted during a late night shoot on his newest film, the musical spoof Dance Flick. “We had to finish this movie and now we’re going through our third polish on The Munsters.”

Thankfully, they don’t have any plans to star in it.

“If we do anything, maybe we’ll do a cameo, but we’re not gonna make The Munsters black all of a sudden,” Wayans laughed. “They’re gonna be green, white people just like they were in the TV show. Their characters are still who they were in the ‘50s. It’s just in modern day.

While both 1960s sitcoms aired at the same time in the US, they had very different approaches to family values. Gomez Addams was always fencing or duelling, but Herman Munster only ever professed love and tolerance. Despite his towering height, he was a lilly-livered (!) coward who would run from a fight, frequently with a shriek.

“We were big fans of The Munsters. We grew up watching them. We loved the characters. We thought that they would be a very, very funny movie,” Wayans insisted.

“You know, they did The Addams Family, which I thought wasn’t that funny or well-thought out of a show, but they did it ‘cuz they had a catchy theme song and turned it into a movie. I thought The Munsters had the real meat and potatoes rich characters.”

Source: MTV


  1. I heard about this a while ago but I thought the project was done.

    I’m not sure what I think of this yet. One thing I do know is that the amount of remakes popping up is ridiculous! There was actually a new series of The Munsters made in the late 80’s. Haven’t seen it myself but the 60’s show would be hard to top.

  2. Interesting… Actually, the Addams Family theme song barely featured in the first movie at all. But maybe the catchy tune is part of the reason that the Addams Family is more of a household name than the Munsters (no way you’ll forget “the Addams Family,” *snap, snap*).
    I’m more of a fan of the Addamses, myself, but wouldn’t be adverse to seeing a Munsters movie. Given the theatrical climate of today, though, I might hope (for its own sake) that it’s pushed back a few years.

  3. It was like the Rolling Stones and The Beatles, when I was a kid. You were either a fan or The Munsters or the Addams Family, but rarely both. I preferred The Munsters, and still do! But recent films have already been made based on the series, so how does this offer anything new?

  4. I didn’t believe anyone could surpass Fred Gwynne in the role of Herman Munster until I saw Steve Vizard’s version in a Munsters spoof on Fast Forward. Hilarious!

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