Bumped: ANTM. Returning: Taken Out.

More changes from Network TEN offer some relief to fans of disappearing shows.

Bumped episodes of America’s Next Top Model have been rescheduled to appear at 12:15am Sunday January 18 (or late on Saturday night, if you prefer). It continues at 12am the following Sunday morning, including a 2 hr edition on January 25. At least viewers who were watching the show now have some hope of continuing.

Lucky it had only been reported as “Gone” and not “Axed.”

Meanwhile TEN is also bringing Taken Out back to screens in a late night timeslot. These are likely to be episodes that were unaired.

It’s back at 12:10am Monday January 12 (or again, late on Sunday if you prefer). It continues nightly at around 12:30am across the next two weeks.

TEN has also changed plans to return Are You Smarter Than a Fifth Grader? to Monday nights. Instead it plans The Simpsons with ep “Homer’s Paternity Coot” followed by Rules of Engagement with a repeat ep “Mr. Fix IT.” It continues in repeats at 8pm Tuesdays.

Monday January 12
7:30pm The Simpsons
8:00pm Rules Of Engagement
8:30pm Monday Night Movie – Double Jeopardy
10:40pm Out Of The Blue
11:10pm TEN Late News With Sports Tonight
11:55pm The Late Show With David Letterman
12:55am Taken Out


  1. They should have put Taken Out over the Summer to fill the Simpsons timeslot at 6pm even only for a little while.They should have never allowed Bold and the Beautiful to be placed there.

  2. man im totally happy taken out is back. that was some quality television…its a shame it just never took off as primetime television. It had everything! Saucy get ups…saucy break ups…sassy girls, charming guys, and some real ugmos inbetween! Whoo! hell yeah!
    dirty bop!

  3. Channel 10 I really Angry With you

    cant you make up your bloody minds about Shows.
    Taken Out around 12 55 is good

    But seriously you should Bring one show back
    that was popular like a year 0r 2 ago

    Bring back Everybody Hates Chris.

  4. What’s happened to the Taken Out website?
    It’s disappeared. I was looking forward to seeing more of the episodes downloaded as my daughter went out on a date on this show.
    Very disappointed.

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