Satisfaction wins third series

More good news for Aussie drama today with confirmation that Satisfaction has won a third series.

Series two of the “high class hookers” of the fictional 232 brothel is currently screening on the Showcase channel.

Starring Alison Whyte, Diana Glenn, Madeleine West, Kestie Morassi, Bojana Novakovic and Peta Sergeant the show is a prized drama of Showtime’s,  a ‘drama channel’ required to spend a proportion of its budget on local production.

It has sold to over 25 countries including Canada, Poland, Latin America, Ireland, Denmark, Norway, Israel, New Zealand and France.

Producer Roger Simpson said “Showcase has truly become the home of cutting edge and high quality drama, and I want to thank Foxtel and Austar for their encouragement to ‘push boundaries and exceed expectations’. For me and my creative team, that’s a pretty seductive brief.”

Whilst cast for series 3 is yet to be confirmed, Satisfaction will resume production mid year with a return to screen in December.


  1. Well here on Brazil, this show has a huge success I know several ones who watch as I do, here we still on the second season and I really hope for more ones, as everyone know, this kind of show can be fulfilled of many crazy and nice stories, to bring to the public a bit of this secret but real world.
    Was a pity see Tippi’s death last night, and at this point I’m agreed with Mr. Roberto on his comment, that Tippi could suddenly turns back, her wonderful smile, will be unforgettable… On the Show she smiled like and angle and it shinny like a star..
    The series rocks!
    Congratulations Guys!

    From Fortaleza-Ce BRAZIL.
    Jose Gualberto

  2. Oh and bill guess what? I did think about ‘the children’ as I watched satisfation! I was pregnant at the time and it is my favourite show so I named my daughter “chloe” after one of the girls in the show!

    It is my favourite show please please make a season 4!

  3. please bring Tippi back ! it’s a movie ! everything is possible in a movie. The dead blond hair woman found by the police was not Tippi she has been hidden for a while and she will be back… writers: that’s a hint ! ;-))

  4. I have to say I enjoy the series and look forward to seeing more!!! It has good stories to tell to keep you watching.

    Just finished watching Series 2 on DVD and can’t wait for Series 3.

    Well done to all the people involved in the production of an awesome show.

  5. Satisfaction is great we’re just watching the 2nd season now in New Zealand. Yes there is sexual content but it doesn’t take away from the strong storylines each week. Enjoy the show it’s inspiring and entertaining. Lookn 4ward to watchn the rest of series 2 then waiting patiently for series 3.

  6. I love this series since seeing part of a show at a friends party and then getting the others on DVD. I’m still stunned that Tippi is no more: she was the reason I watched the shows (her energy is fantastic). Tippi, I cried.

  7. I am so impressed with this tv show. I only just discovered it on dvd.
    I’ve never seen an Australian tv series so beautifully paced, so well designed, so impressively acted.
    I am in awe of Madeleine West and her performances. She’s clearly a stunning woman, but this show has tapped into her maturity as an actress.
    Congrats to the makers of the show. For once, I’m not bored by local tv and for once, the female characters seem actually accessible and not just cariacatures the way they are on most tv shows.
    Can’t fault Satisfaction. Please please please keep this on the tv.
    And to Madeleine West, you are an Australian icon waiting to happen.
    Dont waste your time doing girlfriend roles in America (as it suggests on your website). Take some risks and hold your ground. Fight for meaningful roles. I think you’re a blindingly bright star next up for Kidman-hood.
    Ten points to Satisfaction!!!!

  8. I love Satisfaction but wish that Foxtel could make a dedicated channel featuring first run drama series 24 hours a day 7 days a week. Showcase (where Satisfaction is on) is on channel 403 which I think should be dedicated just to independant films and feature length documentaries. Let there be another channel also called Showcase that handles the first run drama series and yes it will remain uncut and commercial free and will be aired in Dolby Surround sound!

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