Survivor wins two more cycles

cnsphoto-strachan-survivorSadly, it’s nowhere to be seen on Aussie screens but CBS has ordered two more seasons of Survivor.

They will mark the 19th and 20th editions of network TV’s longest-running reality competition series, from producer Mark Burnett.

And just try and stop Jeff Probst, who won the first Emmy Award for best reality host, from stepping down as host. These days he has a producer credit on the series too.

Survivor is one of CBS’ signature series and symbol of enduring quality and entertainment on primetime television,” CBS Entertainment president Nina Tassler said.

Nine teased us with talk of Survivor: Gabon over summer but it is nowhere to be seen. Survivor: Micronesia rated quite consistently given its 10:30pm timeslot.

Meanwhile season 18, Survivor: Tocantins is three weeks old in the US.

Source: Hollywood Reporter


  1. I don’t download Survivor for 2 reasons. 1. Can’t even get broadband where I live & 2. Don’t want to watch it on my computer, want to sit on my comfy couch in front of my expensive TV & watch it. Channel 9 you cretins! You are so boycotted until you show it & also, stop messing with the timetable. We missed the finale last time.

  2. There really is a lot of drivel aired on Channel 9, some of which they repeat… and repeat. I constantly scan the guides for the return of “Survivor: Anything” but the programmers are hopeless. What makes them think we’re satisfied watching lame episodes of “20 to 1” (which rehash the same old celebrities/stories/scandals under different headings week after week)? I can’t afford to download the latest eps of “Survivor” and I can’t find DVDs in Australia anywhere. Sigh.

  3. I can’t believe they will show [email protected] like World Funniest Videos and commercial breakdown with the worst ever presenters (come on Australia!) We want Survivor! I’ll even stay up and watch it. What is up with taking off enjoyable programs like wipeout, amazing race, survivor and replacing it with such drivvel?

  4. Agree with those who never watch Nine – except for Survivor. And yes, I too can download the latest two seasons, but still prefer watching them on ‘Free to Air’ ???? TV.

  5. This is just ridiculous Nine. To have a show that rates quite consistently – even in a late timeslot and several months after its aired in the US and to leave it in the shelf gathering dust. Not happy!

  6. I hope they will replace Secret Diary with Survivor Gabon. I’ve really been hanging out for this seaon. And No, I don’t download tv shows, my allowance will go too quickly. I can’t afford it.

  7. With shows like Survivor, Channel 9 has unwittingly encouraged downloading as the norm. You’ve lost out on truckloads of past and future advertising revenue there, 9!

  8. @Someone BBBA

    I agree, when Secret Diary finished up last year (same timeslot as this year), it was replaced with Survivor Micronesia. Maybe they’re planning on doing the same this year. Well, at least I hope so. There can’t have been many shows that rated consistently as well as Micronesia did in its 10.30 timeslot. Take into acount the long delay and it makes it even better. Surely there’s a 10.30 timeslot somewhere? Or a Saturday timeslot, like China had in late 07-early 08.

  9. Survivor is one of the greatest Reality TV Shows out there yet is received poor timeslots when we did get it here and now we don’t get it at all. I’m expecting we will get Gabon next Summer and who knows for Tocantins.

    Channel 9 have not treated this show well and I’d love to see another channel pick it up like 7 or 10; then maybe we would see the seasons close to when they are shown in the US.

  10. It’s a shame nine have useless programmers, Gabon was a great series and thus far Tocantins is good viewing as well. If I knew nine were going to show it within a decent time from when the US screened it then I wouldn’t have to download it. I remember when they were showing it on Saturday nights, pretty much straight from the satellite, pretty sure it rated ok for them then.

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