Triple Zero inspires a 10yo hero

A 10 year old boy in NSW saves his sister using CPR he learned from the first episode of Seven's new factual series.

heartbeat2Channel Seven’s Triple Zero Heroes has its first true-life success story, after just one episode.

NSW Police say a 10-year-old boy has saved his sister from drowning using CPR skills he learned from watching the Seven show.

Officers say the three-year-old girl was swimming with two other girls in a backyard pool at Bilambil yesterday afternoon when her brother found her face up in the water and not breathing.

The 10-year-old dragged his sister to the side of the pool and resuscitated her.

The show’s first episode last week included a segment about a three-year-old boy being pulled unconscious from a pool.

The girl has been taken to Tweed Heads Hospital and is expected to make a full recovery.

Officers have praised the boy’s efforts and will be recommending him for commendation.

Triple Zero Heroes returns at 8pm this Sunday night on Seven.

Source: ABC

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  1. My gosh those children are amazing for saving that little girl. Where were the parents?? Why was a 3 year old left in the care of children. Saw it on Today Tonight and noticed there was no fencing around the pool at all. Thought it was law to fence pools. The parents should be charged for neglect.
    Triple Zero Heroes is a brilliant show and if it is saving lives, well even better.

  2. Watched the premiere of 000 heroes… the operators and paramedics truly deserve the recognition of their job, as proven, they have saved so many lives.

    What aggravates me, though, is the types of situations which children are put in danger in. Like Sunday’s episode, the boy who fell into the pool whilst the mother was unaware for several minutes… correct me if i am wrong, but aren’t all pools meant to have gates around them? Children do not have the ability to comprehend the dangers of falling into the pool, thats why we, as adults, must put in place measures to avoid these types of situations from happening. If there was a gate around the pool, or, if the child was inside and the doors were locked to ensure the child couldn’t escape into the backyard without adult supervision, this life threatening accident may not have occurred.

    I understand that this show is not about focusing on the accidents, mainly focusing on the marvelous work by the 000 heroes, I believe it should also focus on the awareness to others that these situations will occur unless something is done about them to prevent it.

  3. What a nice story….he’s a hero.

    As for the show, I loved it, and Its the first factual series I’ve enjoyed since Border Security and Bondi Rescue I’ll be tuning in reguarly to this one, loved it.

  4. we never really got an opportunity to discuss this show it was lost between the premier of sunday night and the bushfire specials and the first night of ratings.

    i thought it was a good little emotional rollercoaster show. the re-enactments were well done and the stories were quite interesting. if i am allowed one complaint i would say that they should really do 3 stories instead of 2. it felt like they were struggling to stretch it out for the 30 mins.

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