Bumped: 24

24tvshow226Jack Bauer wouldn’t be happy about this.

Seven has decided to push 24 out by another thirty minutes, beginning this Sunday March 8.

24 will now start at 11pm Sundays, following a documentary series Infamous Assassinations. It begins this week with a look at an attempt on the life of Princess Anne in 1974, and follows a week later with one on John Lennon.

It is the third timeslot aired / planned for 24 this season.

On Sunday 24 came third with 362,000 viewers behind a repeat of Underbelly and TEN’s movie Children of Men.

This series of 24 is certainly entertaining enough. It just requires a big commitment to every hour, which at that late on a school night is hard to do.

Looks like it just got harder.


  1. No wonder the TV networks fail to get viewers, the slots keep changing and it is bloody annoying. Why are people still watching the box, when things are available on time over the internet.

    I for one made the switch many years ago, and m 24 fix is fulfilled at 1pm every tuesday with out fail, atleast the US networks don;t change timeslots every second day.

  2. Cmon Channel 7,
    what is the matter with you? How hard are you trying to kill the show 24? If you don’t want to screen it at a decent time and day, let another channel pick it up….
    It is ridiculous what you are doing to shows like 24, and what you did in the past with Heroes and Prison break!
    I think the programming department at Channel 7 needs to take an IQ test…
    And then they complain that people are downloading shows from the net…
    What choice do you have with programming like that? You should be ashamed!!!

    A 24, Prison Break and Heroes aficionado

  3. Oh come on, we went to bed on sunday night cause it didnt come on then i hear it was on at 11pm, far out!!!!! Why cant they put 24 in a descent time slot and then they will see the ratings soar!! I love this show, we own it all on dvd, i hope they dont axe it, i dont want to wait for season 7 to come out on dvd, to use the old derryn hinch quote “shame on you channel 7 shame shame shame”!!

  4. Anyone with 1/3 of a brain (and a decent internet plan) knows that Tuesday is the day for 24. Anyway, network TV is for nannas, surely everyone has realised that by now (except for the networks of course)?

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