Bumped: Hell’s Kitchen, Bridezillas

hells_kitchenTry not to look surprised.

Next week Hell’s Kitchen will screen at 10:30pm on Tuesday night, replaced by a new episode of 20 to 1.

Bridezillas is out.

A week later, April 28th, both Ramsay and Bridezillas are out because Nine is planning Underbelly Uncut, a repeat screening from the first series beginning withe the first two episodes from 9:30pm.

These will screen on Nine in Sydney, Brisbane. Melbourne  won’t get the uncut version.

New eps of 20 to 1 continue on Thursdays. Bert must have racked up a lot of lists, but the show did rate well last night.


  1. How irritating. Not only replaced by another show just when we were starting to get into this series and the people it contained, but replaced with a repeat of a show not even half as interesting as the controversy made out.

    Blow this for a joke. I’m heading down to JBHIFI, I saw four seasons there for sale the other day. I didn’t buy them then because I enjoy the family time watching Hell’s Kitchen on tuesdays.. now I think we just might put the DVD on once a week in that timeslot instead..

  2. I’m so sick of free to air TV. What is the point of buying a program schedule as everything is wrong any way.
    I have waited for over twelve months for Hell’s Kitchen to come on and they scrap it after the first show.
    Trying to keep up with when it is on first, then when they plan it, then has it finally been scrapped
    If I could buy the series on DVD I would tell Channel 9 to go to you know where.

    It is bad enough putting up with 10 ads every 5 mins without them scrapping the only decent show worth looking at.
    Who wants to see Underbelly or the ever boring 20/10. What is the matter? Does Bert own the channel or something. We are so sick of him and his tribe. Please give us a break.

    Can I buy the DVD of Hell’s kitchen anywhere?????

  3. What the…??? Where is my Ramsey and Hells Kitchen??? Last year we were treated to a few shows of Ramsey and now we are ripped off with heres 3 episodes and now Underbelly- Again and again… Yes it was a success, but nothing like beating a “Dead” horse! This is truely sadening!! We finally get a great show and you just lift it. Im sure the ratings were still going strong! This man has 5 shows in the top 50 shows around the world and you cant even manage to keep 1 of them on for a full season!!

  4. when will hell’s kitchen be back on i really enjoy it me and my friends sit down to watch it every week and are very disapointed that its not on tonight.

  5. I don’t think that I have managed to watch an entire episode of Hell’s Kitchen so far as I can never find out when it is on. I managed to tape it the other week, but it was running late so I missed the end!!
    I’m am so sick of constant reruns of the same tragic shows that could not amuse anyone with an IQ higher than room temperature! And what is the deal with this Underbelly show?? It seems like every night the last couple of weeks it has been on. If people wanted to see it they would have either watched it the first time or taped the damn thing.
    Until WinTV picks up its standards, I am not going to tune into it anymore (unless I can manage to catch one of those elusive Hell’s Kitchen episodes), but after that, I refuse to waste my time with it. It is a good thing that it is a free to air network, otherwise I would be demanding a refund!!

  6. Aren’t channel 9 a bunch of lowly tip rat scum? Why spend almost a week promoting it just to axe it? Retards, this wouldn’t have happened with packer at the helm.

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