Decision time for US dramas

America will soon be deciding what lives and dies. Here's a round-up of what may follow...

ugly_bettyAmerica is fast approaching decision time for a number of series that air in Australia.

Not all shows that haven’t been renewed yet are in jeopardy: For such series as CBS’ How I Met Your Mother, which traditionally gets picked up at the last minute, and ABC’s Ugly Betty, the orders are just a formality.

But that can’t be said for a dozen or so other series anxiously awaiting their fate.

CBS has the most, including a quartet of long-running procedurals — Without a Trace, Cold Case, Numb3rs and The Unit — along with Eleventh Hour.

For all of them — especially the two oldest, Warner Bros. TV/Bruckheimer’s Trace and Case — the decision is tied to the shows’ economics, as the network pays most or all of the production costs at this point. Both are considered 50/50 right now, with one of the two expected to come back.

Numb3rs looks good to return for a sixth season, as does Ghost Whisperer, which would enter its fifth cycle.

The prospects for Eleventh Hour, about to debut on Nine in Australia, meanwhile, do not look good.  Unit also had been considered unlikely to come back, but in a hopeful sign, executive producer Shawn Ryan has been asked by the network to present ideas for a fifth season.

At FOX, Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles is considered all but gone, while Dollhouse’s chances are 50/50.

Chuck is still performing marginally despite a strong fan base. Medium, is said to have slightly better odds to return than Chuck, while the quirky cop drama Life is expected to join Kath & Kim as cancelled.

Meanwhile, the original Law & Order series is expected to return for a record-tying 20th season, matching the run of Gunsmoke.

Source: Hollywood Reporter

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  1. Terminator: Sarah Connor Chronicles Fans Unite!

    We are just days away from official word on the fate of T:SCC. On this Friday, May 15th, during Sarah Connor’s regular show time (in the US), let’s see how many fans we can gather on the site at one time to show our support of this most awesome show! If you are unaware the decision on renewal of season 3 of TSCC will be by FOX on Monday 18th May in the US.

    Please join us on our Home Page, Friday, May 15, between 8:00 pm – 8:15 pm, U.S. EDT. (For us in Australia that will be Sat 16th May at 10am EST). If you would like to see season 3 please show your support.!There will be a “count” of how many there are of us, on-line — and from what countries. We *really* need our huge TSCC fan-base of overseas viewers to “show up.” Please spread the “word.” This on-line “count” may mean the difference between renewal — and that other alternative.

  2. from eps i have seen life and chuck deserve to be renewed. Medium is an amazing show and how i met your mother is hilarious! glad to know they will renew that last minute. gotta try out dollhouse one day, so hope they renew that.

  3. This makes me sad, hearing that Harper’s Island is pulling woeful numbers. I am a fan of the 10 Little Indians storytelling, and the fact that it’s really just a bunch of unlikable douchebags being killed just makes it all the more pleasing.

  4. Eleventh Hour is doing almost on par with the network average, and considering it is made by (i believe) the creator of CSI, i’d say the show has about a 70% chance of renewal. Go chuck.

  5. Dollhouse will be axed, it just isn’t getting enough viewers. Life is a goner, although the final episode answered a lot of questions and pretty much wrapped the whole conspiracy storyline up. Numb3rs is likely to remain as its a strong performer for Friday nights. WaT and CC could both possibly come back as midseason replacements with “13 final episodes” much like ABC did with Boston Legal this year. Not much of a chance for 11th hr, its retention out of CSI is horrible. But if Chuck gets canceled there will be much uproar in the same vein as Moonlight and Jericho, I don’t see its numbers getting any higher though

  6. Who bets with-in a month 11th hour will be banished to late night or ‘rested’ for the 2nd SD channel?

    Only seen a few Dollhouse eps but it’s growing on me and I hope Chuck comes back, on of the best shows out there.

  7. The better renew Chuck, one of the best shows on tv. While they’re at it, they should also renew Reaper which is just as good. Also Dollhouse while they’re at it.

    At least pass them off to a cable network or something!

  8. It’s odd that Eleventh Hour is looking likely to be cancelled. I get that it squanders its lead-in, but it does well against its competition and better than its new replacement Harper’s Island has.
    I hope Medium, Numb3rs, Chuck and Dollhouse survive mostly. And very relieved that Kath & Kim died slowly and painfully.

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