Gordon Ramsay fails to sizzle

hellskitchenMedia commentators were all saying it ahead of his screening.

Last night, Hell’s Kitchen failed to set Nine’s oven on fire.

Only 625,000 viewers tuned in for the reality cooking show, thumped by TEN’s repeat of NCIS on 1.38m viewers.

Seven aired different movies in different cities which totalled 585,000 viewers.

TEN stormed home with a huge share of 31.3% over Seven’s 24.55 and Nine’s 24.1%.

Unless he can film a locally-produced series it seems viewers are well and truly over the swearing chef.

Week 15


  1. Well more people would be able to watch it if 9 picked a time slot and stuck with it. Since the series started I have been unable to see an entire episode due to the disrespect that 9 shows to its viewers by constantly rearanging their programing. I mean, why did they even bother advertising it if they were going to keep changing its time slot and skipping weeks?
    Here is an idea Channel 9, pick a damn time slot and stick with it!!! I don’t care if it is 3am, I can tape it. Surely you can squeeze in a 1 hour show into your weekly line up. Isn’t there at least one of you constantly re-runned shows that you could give the boot for something more entertaining?

  2. Wasn’t advertised in my paper. Not on the EPG (wake up Nine, ICE is offering you free advertising and you are sueing them ??!!). Seen too much of Ramsay. Downloading and the Internet has nothing to do with lower ratings.

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