Airdate: Richard Hammond’s Engineering Connections

richard_hammondIf you’re already missing the UK Top Gear team there’s a new series coming with Richard Hammond.

This four-part doco series looks at the world’s most advanced engineering projects, such as the Taipei 101 Tower, one of the world’s tallest buildings, and the Airbus A380, the largest passenger airliner in history. It screened last year on the National Geographic Channel.

Episode One concentrates on the Airbus A380. Hammond begins by investigating how a 19th-century rocket, a bicycle pump and an ancient Mongol bow all aided in the design of the double-decker Airbus A380. With wings so immense that 70 family cars could park on each one and cabins so vast they can carry 853 passengers, Airbus A380 is the largest airliner ever built.

In a later series to be made Hammond will also look at the Sydney Opera House.

Richard Hammond’s Engineering Connections
starts on Saturday 30th May at 7.30pm on SBS.


  1. i love this show, really puts big feats of engineering marvels into laymans terms and also shows how they came into being – the ideas, the science, and the physical construction.

  2. I must be slow, so when is Mythbusters returning?

    Eurovision is on this coming Saturday and I guess for a couple of weeks, so will it return after the Hamster has his run so sometime in July?

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